I gave in to gadget lust yesterday…

… and bought a RCA EZ205 Small Wonder Digital Camcorder. You may recall back in 2007 I wanted one of the earlier models of these for the purpose of trying to do some video blogs. It didn’t happen due to a push back on the release date putting it too close to Krismas—I usually don’t buy anything for a couple of months before Krismas on the off-chance that someone might get it as a gift—and I never got around to ordering it afterward.

Well Amazon had it on sale yesterday for $69.99 with free super saver shipping and I hemmed and hawed over it for half the day and then broke down and bought it. Turns out that was only about $10 cheaper than they usually sell it, but that’s still $10 I didn’t spend. It’s not the worlds greatest digital camcorder, but it should be sufficient for dicking around with. It’ll do 30 minutes of recording at high resolution and 2 hours at “web” resolution (whatever that is). It accepts micoSD flash memory cards and can take up to I believe 8GB for up to 16 hours of recording. For what I’ll be using it for I’m sure the default memory will be fine. It handles low light pretty well, but has problems with bright light.

I’ve wanted a camcorder of my own for ages and while I don’t know if I’d use this for really important special family moments, it should be fun to have it for random nonsense that might make for interesting YouTube posts. Of course it could also make for really boringly bad YouTube videos, but I don’t see why everyone else should be having all the fun in that regard and not me.

2 thoughts on “I gave in to gadget lust yesterday…

  1. Whatever ever happened to good ol shitty phone cam videos?

    Jokes aside I think I like the idea of having something small like that to shoot with than some larger bulky camcorder.

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