I am not a pretty sight first thing in the morning…

Doing the early morning email check…

Probably doesn’t help I’m running on six and a half hours sleep either.

9 thoughts on “I am not a pretty sight first thing in the morning…

  1. Six and a half hours is at least a half-hour shorter than I’d prefer. I do best on at least seven hours and I don’t tend to go past nine unless it’s been a hard day.

    Keep in mind that I have a damaged rotator cuff in my right shoulder and as such “sleep” consists of many periods of being nearly awake as my shoulder complains that I have once again rolled over onto it during the night. If it were six and a half hours of uninterrupted sleep I’d probably be just fine.

    And, yes, that’s pre-coffee.

  2. Yeah, it sure sucks laying in bed for eight or nine hours and not getting any real rest…last night I ended up knocking myself out with alprozolam

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