Here’s something you don’t see every day…

Someone managed to snap a picture of the literal end of a rainbow:

A reader, who has finally been identified as Jason Erdkamp of Lake Forest, took this photo while traveling north on the 241 Tollroad in northeast Orange County. Stefanie Sullivan, a forecaster for the National Weather Service, says she’s never seen the “end” of the rainbow, partly because there are so many buildings and other structures in Southern California. I haven’t, either. And I lived in South Florida for 5 years. South Florida is very flat, and the afternoon storm activity produces many rainbows. But I never saw the end of one.

Several folks immediately assumed it was Photoshopped, a fair skepticism in this day and age, but it appears the photo is legit. You’ll note, however, the complete lack of a pot o’ gold. Rainbows are their own reward.

7 thoughts on “Here’s something you don’t see every day…

  1. Looks to me like the rainbow appears right in front of the car from which the picture was taken, no more than a meter away, produced by the spray from the two cars driving ahead. The lighting conditions just make it look like it’s ending at the back of the car in front; the piece that looks like a reflection is actually a part of the rainbow (you can see that the image of the car is not at all reflected by the road).

  2. When I lived in Hawaii you saw them all the time. I never thought to take a picture of one though. On the other hand I’ve never seen one end in the middle of the street.

  3. When I was in Ireland I saw the end of the rainbow in the middle of a field right after a rainstorm. The rainbow rose from the field and went over a driveway and into another field. We went into the closest end and didn’t find any gold but we found five bars of cell phone reception.

  4. “You’ll note, however, the complete lack of a pot o’ gold.”

    That’s because it’s at the other end silly wink  This obviously the start of the rainbow.

  5. My wife informs me that you need to dig! She’s chinese, not irish. So take what she says with a large dose of whatever.

  6. Actually, a complete rainbow is a circle.  So we’re not seeing the end of the rainbow here, but rather the end of the water droplets that cast it.

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