“FAQ About Time Travel” looks like it’ll be funny.

Being billed as “Doctor Who meets Shaun of the Dead” a new British comedy called Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel has just unleashed a trailer onto the Net. This movie has two things going for it with me: 1) It’s a time travel comedy and 2) It has Chris O’Dowd (Roy) from The IT Crowd in it:

Ray (Chris O’Dowd), Toby (Marc Wootton) and Pete (Dean Lennox Kelly) are ordinary, if slightly nerdy, mates. The first is obsessed with time travel, the second loves films and the third is a confirmed cynic. They’re all stuck in dead-end jobs and life is pretty uneventful until one day down the local pub Ray is approached by Cassie (Anna Faris), a woman who claims to be from the future. All rather hard to believe until Pete, the cynic, nips to the gents’ and stumbles through a time leak into the future. If things were looking bleak before they’re even worse now since Pete discovers a future full of dead people – including himself. And so begins a series of unintentional trips back and forth through time as the boys attempt to discover who is trying to kill them, and why.

Found over at IO9.com.

2 thoughts on ““FAQ About Time Travel” looks like it’ll be funny.

  1. Here’s an idea: get a clue film producers. It’s one thing to pull your full movie from YouTube and such for copyright infringement. It’s another to be so web-ignorant as to not understand “free advertising”. Someone posting your trailer on YT means that YOU do not foot the bill for bandwith. YOU get a wider audience than just those on sci-fi fansites. You do not disgust your target audience. (“What? Nerds use YouTube now? Wait, Moss and Roy consistently advocated copyleft principles all over their office? Huh, did we maybe hire a nerd-fave actor then kinda miss the point of what made him popular?”)

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