Eric Maisel on the word “Atheist.”

A small quote from the first chapter of Maisel’s book The Atheist’s Way: Living Well Without Gods.

The word “atheist” is a larger, friendlier, and more glorious word than you might imagine. It stands for a conviction about the non-existence of gods but it also vibrates at other wavelengths. It is about a solidarity with nature and with the universe: we are not afraid of this universe in which we live, we do not create dragons and devils with which to scare ourselves, we are not frightened that a vacuum is empty or that we begin dying as soon as we are born. We are exactly, precisely, and wholly natural. We are human beings, with enough fascinating attributes to make even the most incurious among us stand up and take notice. To say “human being” is to say plenty: it is all of that plenty that the word “atheist” connotes.

I haven’t picked up the book yet—it’s on my wish list—but it’s been getting some positive press on other atheist blogs I read so I’ll probably pick it up soon to check it out. The first chapter is available to read at the link I provided above if you’re curious.

4 thoughts on “Eric Maisel on the word “Atheist.”

  1. It’s on my list to read as well. I really like his Purpose Centered Life (not to be confused with The Purpose Driven life drivel by Rick Warren) podcast, too, and am working my way through them from the beginning. Maisel has lots of good stuff to say about living a full, meaningful live without unnecessary invisible friends.

  2. WHAT??? A human being can live without invisible friends? How preposterous! How refreshing! Invigorating! I’m off to read the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Odds = Maisel.

  3. Don’t see it listed on your Amazon wishlist Les.

    Think you also need to check Anne’s wishlist for the address too, keeps booting me out, there may not be an address associated with the list.

  4. I just checked mine and it looks like someone has already purchased it. Thank you to whomever that was.

    And it does appear that Anne hadn’t updated her address on her wish list. I’ve corrected that so it should work now.

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