Despite my better instincts I am now on Twitter.

Apparently not having learned from any of the half-dozen other social networking sites I’ve signed up for and then more or less completely ignored, I’ve gone ahead and signed up on Twitter in part because there’s a couple of other folks using Twitter I wanted to follow and the RSS feeds leave something to be desired. If my track record with LinkedIn, Facebook, GamerDNA,, Flickr, and Friendster is anything to go by then it’s likely I’ll forget I even have a Twitter account come next week let alone actually use it for anything.

OK, I do actually check in on Facebook once a week or so. It already has a Twitter like “what the hell are you doing right now” feature on it and you’re damned lucky if I update it during that once a week visit to the site. Given that all Twitter is is that single question of what are you doing and I don’t use the one on Facebook with any regularity, well, you get my drift.

Still, if you’re interested in seeing what I can manage to say in 140 characters on the rare and random occurrences when I actually bother to remember to use it you can check it out here.

I’m still trying to figure out who the hell Dave Spathaky is and why I was automatically signed up as following him when I finished registering with Twitter.

13 thoughts on “Despite my better instincts I am now on Twitter.

  1. I use which is twitter-like but is open-source and federated.

    There’s a twitter bridge, but it’s only one-way so your “dents” get “tweeted” but your “tweets” don’t get “dented”. Hoping for a two-way bridge someday.

  2. To me, Twitter is barely one step above texting. I also have a Twitter account, but I rarely remember to check it out until I get some message that someone I’ve never heard of is now following me.

  3. You know you can set up facebook so your Twitter feeds into your face book what am I doing…

    And then you can set up your blog so that it feeds twitter with your the title to your post and a link.

  4. I friend requested you on Facebook. grin Oh, and I also tried Twitter because a couple people asked me to. I couldn’t get into it and deleted my account. I kept wondering what else I could do with it, and realized there isn’t much there to do. grin

  5. I like to use twitpic because I like to snap a pic to let people know what I am doing, plus add a word or two. It then shows up as a link on twitter and facebook (linked) as well as a picture on twitpic’s site and as pic on my website. so if someone DID want to see what I was doing, then they would know.

  6. It’s interesting. Not sure how long I’ll keep at it, but then I wasn’t sure how long I’d bother blogging and I’ve been at that for almost 8 years now.

  7. Hope you keep at it Les. Twitter is certainly a more interesting place the more you have interesting people to follow & read Twitter posts from.

    In regards to your tweet about 30 minutes ago or so. How about blogging about the Youtube phenomenon of “unboxing”? I’m curious to hear what your take on that would be.

    I’m actually doing an absurdist video parody on unboxing for my media internship this quarter. Something about watching people open boxes with the sound of the cardboard and other packing materials… it’s kinda’ trance inducing.

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