Closing out a few tabs…

Much like a lot of other bloggers, I tend to browse the web looking for stuff I feel motivated enough or opinionated enough to blog about. As I surf along I accumulate a growing number of webpages open in tabs along the top of my browser. Things I think I might have a comment to make about or that I think my readers would be interested in. Sometimes I’ll hit a link that causes me to instantly start a new entry as it immediately prompted a response, but usually I take time to think about the page in question to see if I have anything to say about it. There’s a roughly 70% chance that I’ll end up closing the tab without ever making an entry about it either because I couldn’t think of anything to say on the topic or because the resulting entry would’ve been so short I didn’t think it warranted the effort. Sometimes I regret not having come up with an entry for a tab I just closed and sometimes I don’t. So today I’m going to try something I’ve seen other bloggers do, such as ***Dave, and put up an entry full of links that I thought were amusing/interesting/cool but couldn’t come up with more than a line or two to say about them. A “closing the tabs” type entry:

First up, it appears there really is a Captain Obvious. My boss sent me that link and at first I didn’t get it at all. I’d like to chalk that up to it being so early in the day that my mind wasn’t fully functional yet.

Next is an image that shows why I love Japan. Because it’s hard to tell if they’re a bunch of weird perverts or just fail to grasp the inappropriateness of some imagery.  That pic is so wrong that I can’t help but laugh at it.

I want one of these LED light tunnels to be the hallway in my dream home that leads to my LAN party room. Even though it would probably attracted unwanted pot heads who spend hours staring at it while high discussing what it feels like to travel at light speed. Be sure to watch the video of it in action. Might have to play it twice, first time through for me it ran at double speed.

How about a little high speed photography of lightening to reveal details you won’t normally see? It almost makes it look like a cartoon of lightening rather than the real thing.

If you’re like me you’ve always thought that the FDA is responsible for ensuring the safety of the food we eat and that’s mostly true, but the reality is slightly more complicated than that and a little unnerving to boot.

Finally, here’s a couple of links about douche bags who cut salaries/laid people off only to reward themselves/top executives after doing so. First up is SUNY Potsdam President Dr. John Schwaller who, three months after warning that salaries need to be trimmed, accepted a $8,600 increase in his salary raising it to $193,600. It’s good to see that Dr. Schwaller understands what it means to sacrifice for the sake of his school.

The other douche bags are the board members at Spansion Inc., a maker of flash memory products,  which took the steps of cutting 35% of its workforce (3,000 jobs) and then promptly removed the 10% pay cut they had put on the top executives last October and called the move an “employee retention program.” None of the laid off workers received any kind of severance package despite the fact that when the former CEO, Bertrand Cambou, suddenly resigned he was given “a full year’s base salary (just over $751,000) plus a four-month consulting fee.”

OK, that closes out all my open tabs for the moment and should make for a halfway decent entry. Enjoy.

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