The Contempt of Court judgment Kevin Trudeau Doesn’t Want You to Know About!

Who is Kevin Trudeau? He’s the “alternative medicine” slimeball who sells books full of miracle cures that the Powers That Be supposedly hope you’ll never find out about. With titles like Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About and The Weight Loss Cure “They” Don’t Want You to Know About this asshole has made millions off the gullibility of desperate people with cancer and other serious illnesses. The FTC finally broke down and successfully sued his ass back in 1998 for making false and misleading claims in his infomercials getting him barred from making such claims again and a $500,000 fine. In 2003 the FTC charged him with violating the 1998 order by making claims that a product called “Coral Calcium Supreme” would cure cancer and got an injunction barring him from making said claims, which he promptly ignored resulting in a contempt of court finding which fined him another $2 million and banned him from appearing in infomercials. If you’ve spent any recent time flipping channels in the wee hours of the morning, however, then you’re probably aware that he ignored that ruling as well. 

Which brings us to his latest run-in with the courts:

A federal judge has ordered infomercial marketer Kevin Trudeau to pay more than $37 million for violating a 2004 stipulated order by misrepresenting the content of his book, “The Weight Loss Cure ‘They’ Don’t Want You to Know About.”

In August 2008, Judge Robert W. Gettleman of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois had ordered Trudeau to pay more than $5 million and banned him, for three years, from producing or publishing infomercials for products in which he has an interest. The ruling confirmed an earlier contempt finding, the second such finding against Trudeau in the past four years.

Urged by both the FTC and Trudeau to reconsider aspects of its August order, on November 4 Judge Gettleman amended the judgment to $37,616,161, the amount consumers paid in response to the deceptive infomercials. The judge also revised the three-year ban to prohibit Trudeau from “disseminating or assisting others in disseminating” any infomercial for any informational publication in which he has an interest. On December 11, the court denied Trudeau’s request to reconsider or stay this ruling.

You’d think by now Trudeau would have gotten the message and taken the money he’s already earned and run, but he’s apparently not that smart. Probably doesn’t help that he has past convictions for larceny and credit card fraud, but it does show he has enough brains to move from outright theft to a form of fraud that apparently carries much less risk of going to actual prison (he spent 2 years in prison for the credit card fraud).

Think this one will slow him down any? I doubt it. The folks who put out the craptastic “Airborne” just modified their packaging to make any beneficial claims as vague as possible after their settlement with the government and the CEO of the company that produced the equally useless “Enzyte” dick embigginer product went to prison and yet their infomercials are still on the air with the company doing better than ever. In fact at the time that the CEO of Berkeley – parent company to Enzyte – was put on trial the company had regular customers in the tens of thousands who apparently thought the pill was doing something for them.

The simple fact of the matter is that you can sell just about anything as a cure for, well, just about anything so long as you make your claims as vague as possible while doing so. The CEO of Enzyte didn’t go to prison because his product doesn’t work, a fact he pretty much admitted to in court, but because the company was automatically signing people up for ongoing purchases under the guise of a “free trial” and then refusing to cancel their orders or fulfill the promised money back guarantee. Now that he’s out of the way the company has turned all credit card processing over to an outside company and is honoring any money back refunds it receives and has had no further problems with the government since. The product still doesn’t do a damned thing, but there are enough people out there who think it does that they’re making plenty of money off of it.

Given all of that, and the fact that Trudeau doesn’t seem to give a shit what the courts tell him to do, I suspect we’ll be seeing him again very soon indeed.

8 thoughts on “The Contempt of Court judgment Kevin Trudeau Doesn’t Want You to Know About!

  1. Yeah, I saw that douche Trudeau on an infomercial not more than a year ago advertising that book you pictured.

    Being a skeptic, I went to my local library to get the book instead of forking over real money to enrich that fraud. The sad part? Despite my suburban library having 6 copies, there was a 4 month waiting list to get one of them. After a few weeks I heard of his reputation and I didn’t bother to pick up the book when my turn came around.

  2. Any time someone tells me they are telling me something that “they” don’t want me to know about, or preface a sentence with, “the truth is,…” I detect the distinct odor of feral rodent.

    I almost suspect there might be a branch of government that thinks they can get us out of our current financial woes by allowing this kind of thing to happen and then fining the perpetrators. Sort of a reverse lottery. It seems like they are willing to fine these assholes, but somehow they never get around to shutting them down or sending them to jail. Hell, they might even succeed in balancing the budget if they went after the mega-churches in addition to the hucksters. Oprah is looking pretty ripe for plucking too, after foisting off Dr. Phil and Tyler Perry on the rest of us.

  3. The scumbag has been doing infomercials out here promoting a book about what banks and credit card companies do not want to know.  I take him and those like him as absolute proof that there is no god or only evil ones.

  4. I decided to buy a used copy of his book for something like $4. So only the used book store made any money off of me.

    The book is just one big fucking advertisement for his website subscription services.

    What I don’t get though, is why TV stations are not also held accountable for producing or airing this crap? The TV stations are making money off the stuff too, maybe not directly, but they are basically getting a kick-back for airing the commercials.

    How come they can hold bartenders responsible for the behavior of drunk drivers, but not hold TV Stations for airing fraudulent commercials?

    Of course, then there are all these fines the government imposes on these frauds, where does the money go? Back to the people who were defrauded. Nope, the poor people who got taken never see a red cent. All the money goes to pay the lawyers and what not.

    Geez, I feel a rant coming on, so I think I’ll just take a deep breath and let it go. Cause it’s not worth the effort to continue dwelling on such things. Focus on the things I have power over and can change, governmental stupidity is not one of them.

  5. Trudeau has teamed up with fellow paranoiac Alex Jones for his latest book Tin Foil Hat Styles “They” Don’t Want You to Know About. Trudeau should be in a maximum security prison grabbing his ankles for Bubba and Jamal!

  6. His stuff works–the government wants to keep him quiet after payoffs from big pharmacy companies who don’t want to lose sales.

  7. He’s peddling snake-oil nonsense. It’s bullshit and he’s been sued multiple times by his customers as a result.

  8. Trudeau has even more troubles. It seems he told his moronic supporters to email a federal judge which they did with threatening emails. Hopefully they will send Trudeau away for a while. Hey, maybe he will meet the infamous ‘tossed salad man’ in jail!! Jelly or syrup Kevin??

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