SEB Mailbag: You don’t understand the brilliance of Dr. Chuck Missler edition.

I get email. Inane stuff like this:

Subject: The Jar

Dear Les

Dr. Chuck Missler is well known for his profound studies in many respectable ways. I understand things get a little bit shaky for an atheist when following Dr. Misslers work in depht.

Please hold on you will get there…

Many blessings


PS: Is it on purpose that your picture shows first when visiting stupid evil bastard dot com?

I sent back the following reply:


Dr. Chuck Missler is well known for being a joke on the topic of evolutionary theory. His example of a jar of peanut butter is laughable for its stupidity. Anyone who has spent any amount of time studying evolution will instantly recognize just how stupid an argument it is, no PHD necessary.

And, yes, it’s on purpose that my picture shows first as I’m the owner of the site. I see that in addition to evolution the concept of irony is also lost on you.


18 thoughts on “SEB Mailbag: You don’t understand the brilliance of Dr. Chuck Missler edition.

  1. I don’t understand why he’s lied on his resume to the people who believe his nonsense. I don’t understand why he believes his degree that has nothing to do with biology makes him an expert opinion worth weighing when regards to evolution.

    Of course I don’t understand why they brought back Knight Rider either. It wouldn’t surprise me that the the subjects had some vague correlations with each other though.

  2. The dude is right, though. Things do get a bit shaky for atheists (actually, anybody who doesn’t take scripture literally) when following Missler’s work in depth.

    It’s the knees, from laughing hard.

  3. I see that in addition to evolution the concept of irony is also lost on you.
    Beautiful, just beautiful.

  4. What does peanut butter have to do with evolution????? Is that Dr. Missler on crack???

  5. Worse, he’s on religion.

    Don’t forget the UFOs. The UFOs make his Jesus and Peanut Butter better.

  6. tThe entire food industry is dependent on the fact that there is no new life, So you see folks, its not just peanut butter. When I hear, in depth, researched, scientific conclusions based on carful observation and study… well I’m just blown away!.


    Many these days are abandoning the pretribulation rapture view, and the June, 1995 article by Chuck Missler (”Byzantine Text Discovery: Ephraem the Syrian”) reveals why there is such a mutiny! First of all, the authoritative scholar that Missler cited, Dr. Paul Alexander, referred only to “Pseudo-Ephraem” and not to Ephraem the Syrian. (If an unsigned ancient manuscript resembles the real Ephraem but there is a question of authorship, they assign it to “Pseudo-Ephraem” – the word “pseudo” meaning “possibly.” For some groundless reason, Grant Jeffrey, the one who reportedly found the “discovery,” changed Dr. Alexander’s terminology! For more info on Jeffrey, Google “Wily Jeffrey.”) And Missler’s scholarship is also questionable. According to the Los Angeles Times (July 30, 1992), about one-fourth of Missler’s 1992 book “The Magog Factor” (which he co-authored with Hal Lindsey) was a daring plagiarism of Dr. Edwin Yamauchi’s 1982 book “Foes from the Northern Frontier”! Four months later Yamauchi’s publisher revealed that both Lindsey and Missler had promised to stop all publishing of their book. But in 1995 they were found publishing “The Magog Invasion” (which was either a revision or a replacement of “The Magog Factor”) – which had a substantial amount of the same plagiarism! (Dave MacPherson’s 1998 book “The Three R’s” has complete documentation on this and other pretrib scandals.) After listing “1820″ as the reported date of the birth of pretrib (he should have said “1830″), Missler sees a pretrib rapture in that Medieval writer’s phrase “taken to the Lord” and, since he evidently favors rewriting others instead of researching, is unaware that Dr. Alexander explained that this phrase really means “participate at least in some measure in beatitude” – which has reference only to doing acts of virtue on earth and not being raptured away from earth! Alexander added that the same ancient writer held to only one final second coming (and not to any prior coming) which would follow the time of Antichrist! (Readers can Google “Deceiving and Being Deceived” by MacPherson to see how groundless the Pseudo-Ephraem claim is and to learn how desperate pretribs are to find any pre-1830 evidence for their escapist view. Dr. Robert Gundry of Westmont College has also demolished the Pseudo-Ephraem claim in his 1997 book “First the Antichrist.”) Since Missler also leans on Thomas Ice, readers can evaluate Ice’s qualifications by Googling “America’s Pretrib Rapture Traffickers,” “Thomas Ice (Bloopers),” “Thomas Ice (Hired Gun),” and “Pretrib Rapture Diehards” (the latter part). For further light on the 179-year-old, fringe-British-invented pretribulation theory, Google or Yahoo “Pretrib Rapture – Hidden Facts.” Finally – why would anyone who has the brains of a rocket scientist want to be taken up with the concept of an any-moment pretrib rapture? The answer may well be that there’s more money in elevating a rapture than launching a rocket!

    [The above insight is on the web.  Barbara]

  8. Ah, I loves me the smell of internecine squabbling about which version of the imaginary friend is right, in the morning!  Reminds me of a story which I think was also posted here some time ago:

    I was walking across a bridge one day, and I saw a man standing on the edge, about to jump off. So I ran over and said “Stop! Don’t do it!” “Why shouldn’t I?” he said. “Well, there’s so much to live for!” “Like what?” “Well… are you religious?” He said yes. I said, “Me too! Are you Christian or Buddhist?” “Christian.” “Me too! Are you Catholic or Protestant? “Protestant.” “Me too! Are you Episcopalian or Baptist?” “Baptist” “Wow! Me too! Are you Baptist Church of God or Baptist Church of the Lord?” “Baptist Church of God!” “Me too! Are you original Baptist Church of God, or are you reformed Baptist Church of God?” “Reformed Baptist Church of God!” “Me too! Are you Reformed Baptist Church of God, reformation of 1879, or Reformed Baptist Church of God, reformation of 1915?” He said, “Reformed Baptist Church of God, reformation of 1915!” I said, “Die, heretic scum”, and pushed him off.

    – thanks to freddies_dead at wearesmrt

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