Krismas 2008 loot report.

I’m several days late getting the annual Krismas loot report up, but I’ve been taking advantage of the time off from work to catch up with friends and family I’ve not seen in awhile. Spent a couple of days this past week hanging out with Bob and my brother-in-law joined us for New Year’s Eve. What little computer time I’ve had has been spent playing WoW or CoD:WaW.

Krismas itself was enjoyable as always with my in-laws and several SEB readers playing Santa for me this year. This year it was all about the DVDs/Blu-rays and books as I received several of both. DVD-wise I got the most recent Blade Runner collection of movies with something like five different versions of the film including Ridley Scott’s director’s cut, The Frighteners Director’s Cut, Hitman Unrated, the fourth season of Doctor Who, and first seasons of Freakazoid and Invader Zim.

In books I got two-copies of Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book so I’ll have to see if I can return one of them at some point, Stephen Hawking’s The Universe in a Nutshell, Kluge: The Haphazard Construction of the Human Mind, and the Windows Command Line Administrator’s Pocket Guide. Gadgets I got included a Pirates vs. Ninja’s RC toy, The Doctor’s Fob Watch toy, a new PS3 controller, Bluetooth headset, and Bluetooth Blu-ray remote to make watching movies on the PS3 a little easier. And finally I got a new Krismas ornament for the tree along with some homemade cookies. No new video games this year, but plenty to keep me busy for awhile. I’m already halfway through Kluge and am enjoying it immensely. Again I’d like to thank the several SEB readers who were generous enough to send along a present as it was a very nice surprise.

So what did you guys get?

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  1. I got a nice Garmin hand-held GPS, various gift certificates for Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, etc.

    The Best Buy cert. ($100!) already burned a hole in my pocket. Picked up a 1TB ext. HD. Backed up my PC files with more than enough room left to rip my CD collection (which will be an ongoing project for a long time to come).

    Hope everyone else made out well on Krismas.

  2. Hubs got me the vamp book series that based the True Blood series on HBO…almost through the second book and it is great!  Hubs also got me this little gadget that I can hook up to my computer and digitize all my cassette tapes. Whoot!  LOL

    We also got some money from the ILs and decided to pool it together to pay for a home theater surround sound system.  Being the only ones with small children the holidays are all about them now, especially since Babyhead’s B-day is New Year’s Eve…so they mostly revolve around him.  LOL

  3. I agree with DOF about “stuff”, but nevertheless got a DVD of The God Who Wasn’t There and three books, Ender’s Game and two by some feller named Obama.
    We have grandchildren now so Krismas is about them.  A particular delight this year was taking my seven year old granddaughter shopping to buy presents for her mom, dad, brother, other grandparents.  It was entirely suprising how little money “she” spent and I had more fun than a person my age is entitled to.
    I’m glad you had a nice Krismas and hope everyone did.  I am upbeat about ‘09, not that I think everything will go smoothly, but that it will be an exciting year.
    Happy New Year, Les, and everyone.

  4. ‘The Haphazard Construction of the Human Mind’ sounds great. I’ll have to request the library here access it!

    I got a pair of pants. Socks. An auto adapter for my MP3 player (yey! I freakin’ HATE radio) and a couple gift cards.

  5. GA, if you like the iBastard button then you’ll love the full sized ad. Did it back in 2004. Was looking for something to replace my SantaLes avatar and it was handy.

    DOF, I’m starting to get to the point where I’m not as stuff-oriented as I once was, but there’s still enough toys out there to keep me dreaming. It sounds like you got what you wanted for Krismas whether it was stuff or not stuff and that’s good.

    James, the book has been great so far. The subtitle should probably be: This is what the fuck is wrong with you people.

  6. Got a piece of paper with some numbers on it wink

    Les, could you rate Kluge when you finish reading it, as I am considering buying it, don’t spoil the ending though!

  7. Mostly I got a bunch of stuff for my new place, which is what I asked for; new bedsheets, crap like that. Though I also got a Best Buy gift card that became a hard drive enclosure and a copy of Trauma Center 2 for the DS, my mom got me a new pea coat (she thought my old one was shabby), and my girlfriend bought me a copy of The Dark Knight. So not too bad, I suppose.

  8. I’m always fascinated by what people love to get as gifts. To me a new kitchen floor seems more like a necessity than something you’d gift to someone so it would never occur to me to give one to someone. But I can see how it would be a fabulous gift just the same.

    Eyes, I plan to write a review of it at some point once I’m done.

  9. I got a PS3 and LittleBigPlanet, which has been a detriment to my work ethic. My grandmother and grandfather also got me a very nice Pendleton wool fedora, which is great because my other fedora is beaten to crap.

  10. Is it a rule that archaeologists have to wear fedoras? Every archaeologist (and archaeology student) I’ve met has worn one.

    Given that I’m about to start a second undergrad in anthropology focusing (probably) in archaeology, should I get one?

  11. I’m not an archeologist yet I have a leather fedora. Haven’t worn it in awhile as I’ve been wearing the other hat I got with my duster a couple of years back, but it’s packed away around here someplace.

  12. It seems to be unspoken rule for some reason. They are both stylish and functional and a good one can last you years. I guess archaeologists are just more stylish and awesome then your average academic.

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