If SEB were a Super Hero…

… he might look something like this:

Click to embiggen!

Note how weary he looks from having the knock some common sense into the overly credulous populace.

Made using Marvel Create Your Own Superhero found via Neil’s World.

11 thoughts on “If SEB were a Super Hero…

  1. Wouldn’t want to run into that. What are your powers Les? I see energy hands is one. Any more?

  2. HistoroMan.jpg

    HISTORO-MAN! Doing things needless Archaically! Like fighting with a Bow! All Cartoon mes look similar.

  3. AA, my other major power is an unearthly patience as exhibited by my tendency to actually engage True Believers in conversation from time to time without choking the shit out of them.

    Patness, my power comes from my shoes.

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