Fuck South Carolina.

I may soon be a felon in South Carolina as a state senator there wants to outlaw profanity:

South Carolina State Senator Robert Ford (D) has introduced a bill that, essentially, seeks to outlaw profanity.

S.56 would prohibit the public utterance or publication of printed material containing profanity. It would also make it illegal to “exhibit or otherwise make available material containing words, language, or actions of a profane, vulgar, lewd, lascivious, or indecent nature.”

Any SEB readers who reside in South Carolina could also be felons if they get caught browsing this site if this bill gets passed. Not that I think it would stand up in court as it’s clearly a violation of the First Amendment, but it could be a real pain in the ass until it gets slapped down by the courts.

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  1. Oh i just had myself a little giggle. In order to actually know what words to look for woulden’t they need to define those words in the bill? Otherwise pretty much any word could be profane. There are a bunch of words i don’t like beeing called so perhaps i could get someone arrested for calling me an idiot. To the one beeing called idiot it would be atleased kind of profane right???

    The point offcource they might have to define it of else anyone can just walk in and claim someone was beeing profane. This ofcource would make the bill profane and a fellony…wow this can’t possibly end well…

  2. Well fuck a duck! Man that is just balls.

    It is a good thing we westerners are over there in the middle east trying to stop all the oppression that is happening. Could you just imagine all the freedoms we would be losing if we weren’t fighting the terrorists over there?!

  3. As written, the constitutionality of S.56 could be successfully challenged by any first-year law student. I wouldn’t expect the law, if passed, to bear any teeth. The first person busted under the law would have every pro bono attorney in SC volunteering to take his case just to invalidate the law.

    The Senator needs a brush-up on the First Amendment.

  4. I skipped this post at first, as I thought he was complaining against public swearing, and I can’t really get that hot under the collar about stopping people run down the street shouting “Fucking bollocks up your cunt”.  However when I realised it was written stuff I thought ‘We must play’.

    Email him with the phase ‘Zounds sir, and Odds bodkins, I must protest.’

    Any reply quoting you will place him in breach of his own law.

    Courtesy of VoteSmart.org
    His SC Home phone number: 843-852-0777
    His Capitol Home phone number: 803-798-9220
    Why not give him a call and explain to him, without profanity of course wink , that you are seriously displeased with this.

  6. So I think I’ve figured that if this were to pass, every bookstore and library would have to get rid of about 80-90% of their stock, including Dictionaries and, of course, Bibles. Children’s books, and maybe travel guides, will be okay.

  7. If I lived there, and this passes, I’d show that mediocre documentary about the F word (or better yet: The Aristocrats) just to poke ‘em in the eye.

  8. He he. Wow after 3 times failed he’s still at it? Well you got to had it to him for not giving up.

    Reminds me a little of a well known computer i once destroyed:
    “If at first you don’t succede, you fail”

  9. They’re banning the Bible! Maybe they’ll admit the Bible is full of “words, language, or actions of a profane, vulgar, lewd, lascivious, or indecent nature.” This will get repealed on Constitutional grounds or because they can’t sell Bibles anymore. Considering where this is, I’d give those equal odds.

  10. My friends and I called him. He claims the problem of indecency is so bad that society has gone down the hole since the 1980s and the advent of rap music.

  11. In my opinion it should be a felony, rather, for lawmakers to introduce a bill that is so blatantly unconstitutional.

  12. i never met a soldier yet that didn’t curse even the drill sergents do it, now does this senator wamt to put everybody in jail that is defending his a$$ i use to be a soidier , and beleive me you do cuss the enemy he is just a prep , go join the army senator

  13. try living in this backwards ass state. i said shit not meaning much by it and a screwed up jesus cop says woah waoh i will arrest you for that. bunch of lops here for sure. when a word will put you in prison.

  14. This fuckin state finds any means it can to make a buck; lacking any ideals, whatsoever, upon industry; past what it has done from the start–growing cotton and shredding the natural environment for its paper mills.

    Past that, it puts people in jail
    For thirty days, for speeding through a construction zone. And for any poor fuck who doesn’t manage to pay child support in this poverty stricken shit hole, they get thirty days, too; as if anyone would have a home, much less job, after thirty days in one of their urine soaked jails. And no; not speaking from experience on either count; however, this is the mentality of this state’s self serving mind set.

    It’s an inbred state of despair; literally! Marrying cousins quite litterally is legal here, and I’ve seen enough individuals with one eye looking at me and the person behind them to prove it. No shit!

    Wherever you’re from, stay there! Don’t even think of coming to this 30 day state; it’s their answer for everything…

  15. The bill is bs. But you call him crazy for bringing this bill up several other times..If he is crazy how fucking crazy is the GOP congress and senate with all this getting rid of Obamacare and Bengazi?

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