Every so often I wake up and think to myself…

… “Holy crap! I’m 41 years old. How the fuck did THAT happen?”

I did that this morning. Not sure why. It’s like my brain occasionally needs to remind itself of something stupendously obvious that it thinks it hadn’t noticed before even though it’s really known all along.

8 thoughts on “Every so often I wake up and think to myself…

  1. You’re one of several people I’ve known virtually for almost a decade now without ever having met them. Which is also an odd thing to think about.

  2. man am 21 now and i really miss when people got impressed when they asked about my age and i said 18 or 19 and then they would comment wow you are really a genius but now am just a normal every day geek.
    I really miss all that attention and spot lights, it really fed my ego.
    anyhow age is just a number so just go write a book, or do some of the stuff u used to do back in the day that u no longer do

  3. Yes you are 41 years old but imagine my feelings that soon I will 74.  Damn now that is a number that really makes you feel Tired!

  4. It’s one of many strange realizations. I’m one of those people that gets a morbid sense of his own humanity by just putting two fingers in either side of my cheeks and stretching my mouth open. It reveals *gasp* that I’m a skeleton underneath all this face and stuff!

    I don’t really like people, but they have plenty of rewarding and curious traits.

  5. Hey and your baby sister is going to be 37!  Man you are getting old.  But you still don’t look it and for that you suck!  Love Ya!

  6. I’m commenting on this old post just to make an update on my first comment…

    Turns out that was the actual IP to the old Detroit CS. It had been nagging at me that I could find no other references to except my post here. So I decided to use some crafty wildcard google searches and I came across this lone page: http://episteme.arstechnica.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/39309975/m/237097279/p/1

    Eureka! Now I can wax nostalgically with the peace of mind that I know the correct IP. I was able to remember the IP up to 7 out of 9 digits and in order, so that still counts for a misspent youth.

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