Back to the daily grind…

Despite my best efforts I didn’t become filthy rich over the two weeks I had off from work so today finds me back behind my desk doing that voodoo that I do, also known as work. I had one voice mail waiting for me and it was from the old lady that doesn’t understand the concept of voice mail who calls every so often looking for “Mike and Cindy” only to wonder why I never say anything after the initial message and beep. Today’s message was: “Oh, I’m sorry. This is the wrong number. I wanted to talk to Mike and Cindy. [short pause] Hello? [longer pause] *Click*”

I’ve not been keeping up with my RSS feeds so I have a couple of thousand entries spread across the blogroll to dig through which should occupy some of the downtime today. We’re surprisingly slow support-wise considering we just got off a two-week break. I thought there’d be a ton of issues to deal with, but so far I’ve only gotten a couple of calls.

Other than that the only other news is the amazing lack of snow we’ve got here considering how much we had at Krismas. We had one day were we broke a record high of 60 degrees and the landscape has looked more like spring than winter since then. We might be getting more snow later this week, but it’s pretty bleak looking out there at the moment.

Lastly the next semester of college classes start next week. Not looking forward to it as it means I’ll be going from work to school Monday through Thursday nights every week for 15 weeks, but it’ll get three more classes out of the way. Decided to go ahead and take the PC Hardware class even though I already know 90% of it (been building my own PCs for years) as there’s still that 10% to fill in the blanks with. If nothing else it’s an easy A. The Windows Server 2003 and ISA classes will actually be new to me, though, so those should be fun. Speaking of classes, my grade for last semester was a solid A giving me the first 4.0 GPA I’ve ever had. Kind of cheated in that I only took the one class and I knew most of it already, but you take your accomplishments where you can find them.

5 thoughts on “Back to the daily grind…

  1. Just a thought and I should’ve mentioned it yesterday to you – for these classes that you already know 90% of the material (or higher) why don’t you see if you can just test out of them? It will cost the same as taking the class (though some schools give a break)and it will make getting your degree that much shorter.
    Sorry, I keep forgetting to mention that when I see you face to face.

  2. I gave that some thought and, after speaking with the instructor about it, I opted to take the class rather than test out. In both cases what I didn’t know seemed significant enough to make it worth going through the whole thing.

  3. Getting 4.0 is no insignificant task. Even if it came from one class it’s still something. You should be proud of your work and use it to carry you through the next semester. Congrads!

  4. Good choice Les. We know that the main reason you do the degree is because some pricks are continuing to pass you over on the technicality of you not having a degree (probably *would* have taken you if you had a degree in home gardening) – but its good if there’s some challenge to it.

    Otherwise at the end of it it would just be that – a piece of paper to impress pricks with. A degree should be more (spoken by someone who has started being wistful about student days wink ).

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