And now, a musical interlude: Hugh Laurie sings “Little Girl.”

Before he became TV’s most obnoxiously brilliant doctor on the drama House, Hugh Laurie was better known as a comedian over in England. He appeared alongside Rowan Atkinson in various Black Adder episodes and had a comedy sketch show with Stephen Fry called A Bit of Fry and Laurie. The following clip is from the latter show. Warning: There are some naked boobies in the background at one point so bear that in mind if you’re at work:

So if you’ve ever wondered if Laurie, as House, really knows how to play the piano when on those odd occasions they show him doing so the answer is: Yes he does.

11 thoughts on “And now, a musical interlude: Hugh Laurie sings “Little Girl.”

  1. That brings back memories. He used to play it in “Jeeves and Wooster”. Which btw I highly recommend for any Wodehouse or Laurie fans.

  2. They actually had him doing an SNL skit where he sang, played the guitar and the harmonica to a song where he knew all the lyrics except the chorus.

    Very, very talented man.

  3. What Patness said.  I first saw him on Black Adder, so my when I saw my first episode of House, it was kind of a surreal experience.

    My Mom fell in love with House, so it was all kinds of awesome watching the expression on her face when I showed her an episode of Black Adder smile

  4. I was going to mention “Jeeves & Wooster” as well (which I also heartily recommend).  The man actually has buckets o’ talent, including music.

  5. I’ve loved pretty much everything he’s been in for years (I was a PBS kid)

    It’s my understanding that he’s a multi-instrumentalist (in addition to acting, writing, and being a world-class rower).

    Very cool guy.

  6. I have sat here and laughed loudly about the scenes across the bottom of the film.  Being a big fan of House the out takes are hilarious.  With Frye he is extremely funny.  Thanks for the post I needed that laughter!

  7. Laurie and Stephen Fry (who were friends and co-conspirators at university) also had a show on the BBC early in their careers.  I think some of the clips from it are on YouTube—it’s been a while since I hunted for them.

  8. A bit strange to see finnish TV network’s logo in the corner there. Especially when the language we hear is english and there are no subtitles – YLE TV1 usually has them on foreign shows.

    I agree with the previous positivity, I too am an avid supporter of Laurie and especially Fry (if you think I might be exaggerating, visit MySpace and take a peek, I have a band named after him. Most people think that naming your band Fry would have something to do with Futurama. Well it doesn’t. Nice, short word and a salutation to Stephen. By the way, sorry for the semi-crappy quality, they are just some rehearsal “live” takes)

    I don’t know if any of you have already noticed, but they both were Randi’s guests on the series “Psychic Investigator”, and have also shared their rational views on many things and occasions, especially Mr.Fry on QI (Quite Interesting, a hilarious trivia quiz show on BBC) which is highly recommendable too.

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