“X-Men Origins: Wolverine” trailer hits the net.

I’m not a huge fan of the X-Men comic book series, but of the various characters involved in it over the years I am a bit of a fan of Wolverine. After the third X-Men movie, which was less than amazing, I didn’t hold out a lot of hope for the Wolverine spin-off movie but after watching the trailer I must say it looks like it just might be worth checking out. Check it:

I think it’s safe to say that Marvel made the right decision to finally set up their own movie production division as it seems to be doing pretty well in putting out halfway decent adaptations of their various comic series. I even thought The Incredible Hulk was pretty decent even though a lot of folks weren’t excited by it. Iron Man was just a boat load of fun all the way around and largely due to Robert Downey Jr. This new Wolverine movie looks like it might continue the streak.

8 thoughts on ““X-Men Origins: Wolverine” trailer hits the net.

  1. I’ll probably check it out too- I agree, Les, the last X-Men flic was a bit weak, but I thought the series as a whole was pretty good.

  2. The problem with The Incredible Hulk was that it was awesome the first time around when it was called Hulk, but people didn’t get the film.

  3. I have to agree with everything you have said. It looks like a fun movie,Iron Man was great and the Incredible Hulk was pretty fun (all I expect in a Hulk movie is smashing, and I got it!)

    Wolverine and the X-men got me into comics as a teenager. I just hope they have a cameo of Mac Hudson;)



  4. Wolverine is actually my namesake, that is my chosen name came from him. Changed my name legally on my 25th birthday.

    I liked both Hulk movies, I think it was a shame they didn’t tie the two movies into each other more as I think it could have been done very easily.

    I agree the last X-Men movie was weak, (I would have preferred the Phoenix story being more extraterrestrial like the original) but I also think it was because they went with a different director, and should have stuck with Bryan Singer.

    I like how they reintroduce various characters from the comics, I was wondering if we would ever see the Blob. :o)

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