The first snowfall for this year…

So this picture to the left here, click to embiggen, is a crappy cellphone camera shot of, what passes for, our backyard. As you can see we got a reasonable amount of snow Saturday night into Sunday morning. It was pretty wet and we only got maybe two inches total, but it was enough to put you into a holiday frame of mind. Considering we’re in Ann Arbor, which is in southern Michigan, it’s a decent amount of snow.

Now if you drive just a mere hour and a half north to Otisville, where my parents live, the same snowfall nets you pics like these my mother took.  Here’s an example in the image to the right. Again, click to embiggen.

As you can see a mere 75 or so miles can make a huge difference in how white your your landscape becomes during a given snowfall in Michigan. If it weren’t for the fact that there’s not jack in the way of jobs for my chosen career or much of anything else to do further up the state then I’d be inclined to move there just for the better snowfalls. Though given the shortage of funds to do much of anything other than hang out at the house probably makes the fact that Ann Arbor has quite a lot to do rather a moot point. Just the same, I have snow-envy.

4 thoughts on “The first snowfall for this year…

  1. If we got as much snow as in the left photo people here in Texas would be crapping their pants… We had “snow” days for less than in inch.  Granted our “winter precipitation” usually comes more in form of ice and sleet.  I’d glad trade for those for a real snow storm.

  2. What Chief said. Austin would come to a grinding halt if we had some real snow. Not the town doesn’t come to a grinding halt if there’s ice and sleet…

  3. You can have all of my snow, I like the fact that Tombstone has a dusting about twice a year…just enough to get all excited about and run around taking pictures of everything with its white frosting, then go back to normal the next day.

    We actually had about 6 inches of snow 2 years ago! It lasted all of a day and a half. That’s enough for this girl!

  4. Don’t envy our snow because when the tractor is still in lawn mower mode it’s a bitch getting out of the yard!  Pretty yes but a snow blade is needed and soon.

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