SEB Christmas Classics: The Holiday Snow Globe.

I first wrote an entry about this back in 2003, but it wasn’t embedable back then. Now it is and it’s still just as fun to play with as it was then. It plays music right off the bat so I’m sticking it after the jump.

Be sure to let the scene play out to see all the different things that can happen and then shake the shit out of it. It never gets old. Never.

Makes me laugh in an evil way that frightens my wife and various small children.

4 thoughts on “SEB Christmas Classics: The Holiday Snow Globe.

  1. Believe it or not I remember it!  Oh I nominated SEB for two awards tonight.  The Butterfly and the I Love Your Blog on my site—don’t you just love it!!!!

  2. For some reason I find this oddly disturbing.

    Could be because I relate it to the human condition that no matter how much in control of our lives we think we are, forces totally beyond ourselves can utterly destroy it.

  3. I suppose if you think about it too much there’s a lot that’s disturbing about the scene. In addition to what you mentioned there’s also the fact that the little people end up repeating the same daily activities over and over without ever accomplishing anything. Then there’s the snowman building lady who dies during what is supposed to be a traditional holiday routine. The guy shoveling snow endlessly with nothing to show for it other than the occasional bird dropping on his head and a chance to inflict abuse on his fellow inhabitants. The bird is the only one that does anything useful and that’s only after you’ve shaken the shit out of the globe as it flies around and replaces the ornaments on the tree.

    Yeah, lots to be disturbed about there.

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