Over the river and through the woods…

Looks like things have cleared up just enough to allow for the annual trip up to my parents place for Krismas Eve dinner. With the weather being so crappy over the past couple of days we weren’t certain if we’d be able to make the trek safely or not. From Ann Arbor it’s a good hour and a half drive and with the freezing rain we were getting last night we were thinking we might have to stay home. Right now, though, we’re up to our high temp of the day of 38 degrees Fahrenheit and the roads look to be relatively ice free. Or at least Courtney and I will as Anne has to work today. My sister and her husband will be present, but we haven’t heard on if my brother and his family will make it up yet. Wes is also working today it seems and as such may not make it up. Family friends who usually drop by are also either questionable or no shows at this point which, given the fact that things are likely to freeze over tonight when the temps drop back down, is understandable. Still it’ll be good to get what parts of the family we can together for a few hours as it’s so rare we’re all in the same spot at the same time these days.

Tomorrow morning we’ll get up and open the handful of gifts we have under the tree which consists mostly of the couple of items we got Courtney, the half dozen or so you folks were so generous to send to me, and Courtney’s gifts to Anne and myself. The presents are a little sparse compared to years past, but we’re back out under our own roof, the bills are pretty much up to date, we’re relatively healthy, and we’re all together and those are arguably the best gifts one could hope for. After doing our small gift exchange in the morning we’ll be heading over to Anne’s parents place for Christmas brunch and the gift exchange there. To keep costs down us adults drew names this year and set a limit on how much to spend. Anne is working tomorrow as well so we won’t be able to stay too long before heading back to Ann Arbor.

On the plus side it looks like Anne and I may have a little spare money to take advantage of the After Khrismas Sales to pick up a little something something for each other. We won’t be opening them up on Krismas Day, but better late than never I always say. It’ll also be one of the first times I’ve had any money to spend on an After Krismas Sale. May see if I can’t pick up a few sets of LED Krismas lights on sale in preparation for next year. I want to have enough strings to do up a couple of windows in lights as well as the tree. All in all it should be a very good Krismas in spite of the tough times everyone is facing at the moment. I’m feeling very grateful for the family I have, both immediate and the extended family that includes the SEB Regulars who drop by to see what nonsense I’m spewing each day.

Posting has been light the past couple of days because I’ve been fairly busy running around getting last minute stuff done with the family and it’ll probably continue to be light until at least Friday, but I’ll try to get a few more things up when I can. For now I’ll leave you with my sincere hope that you’re enjoying your Krismas Eve as much as I am.

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  1. We have a meal, open presents, etc., on Krismas Eve and so Krismas Day is for lounging.  Our Krismas was sparse also this year.  My wife and I were concerned that some would be disappointed.  But it turned out very nice and I hope yours did as well.  Merry Krismas!  Now, back to the lounging part.

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