Latest news on my job provokes a mixed reaction.

I got a phone call from the contracting house I work for about my job today. In summary they said, “Hey, remember how Company you’re contracted to said they were changing your job to an in-house position and you’d have to reapply and probably wouldn’t get it because you don’t have a college degree? Yeah? Well, they changed their mind and aren’t going to do that anymore. You still have your original two-year contract.”

So the good news is that the pressure to find a new job is off for now as I still have a year and a half on my contract. This makes me feel good. Of course there was a chance, however slim, that I could have been hired by Company and that would’ve been really cool. That makes me feel bad at the same time.

I suppose I’ll just be pleased that I have one less stress to stress out over during the holidays.

7 thoughts on “Latest news on my job provokes a mixed reaction.

  1. Keep looking, they changed their minds once, they can do it again.  Next time they might just say, “Well, it’s the economy.”, and *poof* disappearing job trick. 
    Good luck in your searches.  I recently got lucky with a Power Co-Op job, which seems pretty secure even during hard times.  Hope you can find something just as secure.

    – Matt

  2. Hey Les,

    Congrats on your good news. Sure, a permanent gig would’ve been great, but that race also held the possibility of you ending up without a chair when the music stopped.

    Look at the glass half-full, in that you have 1-1/2 years to ride out an abysmal job market. Hopefully things will pick up between now and then. In the meantime, keep networking.

    You came out pretty well in this. Nicely played!

  3. you’re going back to school, right? let them know. tell them after the 1.5 years is up you will be well on your way to being done with school and, btw, how about a little tuition help since i’m such a valued employee?

  4. Oh they know. Tuition help would be something my contract house would have to supply, not the folks I’m contracted to. Right now I’m going on a Pell Grant, but I don’t know if I’ll have that for next summer/fall or not.

  5. Well congratulations on the good news, but I have to agree with some of the other posters when they say you should still keep looking for a long time job because you never know, they (your employers) could pull the same shit again sometime.

  6. Hopefully you will be able to see out the remainder of your contract.

    How long to go before you get your qualifications, will that 1.5 years be long enough to complete or will you have to try for another contract before graduation.

    Sorry if you have provided this information elsewhere, I couldn’t find it.

    PS Got to agree with Dom, I wouldn’t trust your present employer … but I tend towards paranoia anyway excaim

  7. Depends on how things go. I’ll be taking two, well technically three, classes next semester and then I have to figure out where the money for school will be coming from. I don’t think I’ll have a full associates by the end of the 1.5 years, but I should be close and should be able to get a few certs along the way.

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