It’s starting to look a little bit like Krismas…

We finally bought a new artificial tree today. Did you know it’s almost impossible not to find one that doesn’t come pre-lit with miniature lights? I hate mini-lights on a tree as it makes it look dark. The one exception would be if the lights were LED, but that’s relatively new and all the trees I found that had LED lights, and there weren’t any in the local stores, started in the high $200 to low $500 range and there was no way in hell I could afford that. We ended up with a seven and a half-foot tree that came with fake berries and pine cones on it because it was the only one Home Depot sold that didn’t already have lights in it and it was on sale. One thing I really like about it is that it’s one of those where the limbs are permanently attached to the trunk so I don’t have to separate out which limbs go where. Just stick the three pieces together and fluff out the branches and you’re set. I’ve got it up now, but the branches aren’t fluffed yet because I want to take a pic of how pathetic it looks and then how nice it looks once I’m done. I should have that completed tomorrow night.

The other thing that happened recently that made it feel a bit more like Krismas was the arrival of a package from addressed to me. I hadn’t ordered anything recently so I wasn’t expecting anything so it was a pleasant surprise to open it up and find it contained three Krismas gifts from SEB member EyesOnly. This did much to cheer my spirits which have been a bit under the weather lately with stresses over the job and the holidays. I haven’t opened them yet as they are festively wrapped and I figured I should wait until the 25th as is custom, but I wanted to thank EyesOnly for the generosity which came at just the right time to help lift my mood.

Lastly we got more snow over the weekend and it’s looking pretty nice outside right now. Not so much that it’s troublesome getting around, but enough to bring back fond memories of Krismas long past. Quite a few folks have their Krismas lights out as well so I think it’s time once again for the annual call for Best and Worst Krismas Light Displays. Start looking for houses with especially well done or awful Krismas displays and get snapping with your digital pics and add them to the SEB Flickr Pool and I’ll start another thread soon for folks to post links to their favorites in.

And one more thing, SEB is once again sporting it’s Krismas template. If you haven’t stopped by lately then drop in and have your eyes damaged by the holiday spirit.

11 thoughts on “It’s starting to look a little bit like Krismas…

  1. I went ahead and “prelit” our fake tree this year.  Took a few hours and lots of 4” cable ties, but it’s done.  They are the mini lights, but I’ve got about 600 on a 7 1/2 foot tree. 

    I would’ve went LED, but my figures on savings/costs put it at a 10 year break even(we don’t turn them on that much).  I may start looking to pick up some LEDs on clearance in the future.

  2. I’ve got one short string of LEDs that I bought two years ago that aren’t good for much of anything other than draping across a fireplace mantel and I don’t have a fireplace in the townhouse. I love how bright they are though.

  3. My eyes can feel the cheer Les. I’m not putting up a tree this year sadly. My sister is going to take care of that at her place. She claims the family can only have one tree.

  4. AA, you’ll have to explain the logic of that to me.

    Eyes, thanks again. They’re the first presents under my new Krismas tree which I still have to finish decorating.

  5. Les,

    Get a pre-lit tree next time and just add more lights!  That is what my ex-grandmother-in-law did.  When she found out I was allergic she got a big nice fake pre-lit tree…and put 6 more strings of lights on it.  It was a BITCH to take down…especially since the cats like to get up in it and bend all the branches to where the lights tangled…and I was always the one to do it.  LOL But you had to wear sunglasses to look at it.


    Ours is a pre-lit one.  I wanted one and figured we could put more lights on it as well if we wanted.  It is a smallish 6.5’ one to fit in our apartment and I told DH when we are able to buy a house we might buy a bigger and better one.

  6. The trick on buying the LED lights is to wait until after the holiday season and then go to one of those garden/nursery stores and buy them for $1 set. That’s what I did last year. :o)

  7. Sandy, couple of folks here at work also said I should’ve bought a pre-lit and added more lights. Seems to be a popular solution, but what’s done is done and I’m happy with what I got even if it is a tad on the large side for our townhouse. Just hope my strings of C6 bulbs are long enough to run the length of it as out last tree was only 6.5 feet tall.

    Logan, the only problem with that is that you have to have money left over to do it. I do plan to try and hit some of those this year though.

  8. The trick on buying the LED lights is to wait until after the holiday season and then go to one of those garden/nursery stores and buy them for $1 set. That’s what I did last year. :o)

    That’s what I did for the mini-lights I put on ours, since I was looking for the multi-function lights.  LEDs just didn’t work out since I intended to do the lights permanent this year, and didn’t want to put it off.  I got tired of jacking with the light strings, and I like having a lot of lights on the tree.

    What is funny is that last year I finally managed to snag some of the net lights(on sale) for the bushes.  The same bushes I’ve been digging up to put flowers down.

  9. I don’t understand the logic either but it is better to not argue with my sister. If I have learned one thing in my years, it’s to not argue with my sister. She wins, always.

  10. We got a last-of-its-kind no-box-included fake tree a few years back, which is much more practical than a live or cut in our currently holiday schedule.  It’s pre-lit, too; our biggest problem is that the pre-lit strings are slowly failing, one more each year, which is more than a bit annoying.

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