Iraqi journalist tries to “shoe” Bush out of Iraq.

It’s important to note that in the Middle East it’s a very vile insult to call someone a dog. I don’t know why, but it is. It’s also a sign of the utmost contempt to throw your shoes at someone. Combine these two facts together with the video clip from CNN below and you’ll see why it’s so significant. In Iraq over the weekend a journalist threw his shoes at President Bush while yelling that it was a farewell kiss and calling him a dog. Check it:

Back when the war started one of Bush’s mantras was that we had to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people. I’d say that he pretty much failed in that goal. There’s a lot of other people in Iraq who would like to throw their shoes at Bush and, I’m willing to bet, quite a few here in America as well. This one journalist has become a hero to a lot of people with that small act of defiance. Bush is probably lucky they were only shoes.

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  1. I saw this on another blog withteh MSNBC footage, which is an angle with the camera a little more to the right.

    Whjat amazes me is NO ONE took control of the SHOES!

    What an oversight!

    They could have had time dealy explosives in them or something….(remember the explosive shoes on airplanes scare?)

    The SS guys rush in and tackle the guy, but they run right past where the shoes ended up (behind Bush and Al-Maliki).

  2. Let me get this straight…we all have to take off our shoes to get on a plane, but a bunch of Iraqis can wear theirs within 20 feet of the U.S. President?

    I must admit, however, that Dubya handled the situation quite well. Probably from 8 years of experience ducking questions, responsibility, etc.

  3. OK, here’s my question…Where were his Secret Service agents? As James noted, the shoes could have been an explosive device. Why did it take so long for a reaction? That guy had the chance to lob BOTH of his shoes and walk away before there was a response!

    Then again, it would have been nice for him to be taken out and pay the price for his greed, stupidity and arrogance, but it isn’t a perfect world, is it?

  4. I WAS a closed press conference I am sure and NO one was unknown to the secret service. All had probably been at plenty of these photo ops before.

    But, some SS guy is getting his ass bawled out over not diving on the shoes. I am sure that part of the debrief is that now they will be doing a study and determining a “response plan for improvised projectile threat minimisation in a semi-controlled limited access presidential exposure situations” (with addendums detailing……..

  5. Then again, it would have been nice for him to be taken out and pay the price for his greed, stupidity and arrogance, but it isn’t a perfect world, is it?

    Unfortunately, Rosie, if Bush were taken out like that, it would probably benefit the Republicans.  And my concern for the future of the planet overrules my desire for Bush to pay for what he’s done.  Damned pragmatism!  I just hope the shoe thrower doesn’t spend years in jail for this.

  6. Two comments.

    It’s sad to see shoes thrown at a President of the United States. The U.S. has never been universally loved and not every president has been popular at home or abroad, but it’s a reminder how low American prestige has sunk.

    I don’t know if the Secret Service was expected to stop the first shoe, but it doesn’t speak well for them that the guy could lob the second one.

  7. The journalists were all accredited and searched 4 times according to the BBC reporter there.

    The shoe thing is from the same idea as insulting someone the sole – you can’t get lower than the bottom of a foot.

    This is what Bush wanted- the man wasn’t attacking him, but expressing himself freely- wasn’t that the Dream?

  8. Too bad it was only a shoe. If only he had a grenade in one of them.

    Still, Governor Bush manages to bumble out a few moronic words that he thinks sounds clever.

  9. Some questions answered:

    Iraq shoe-thrower in hospital with broken arm

    The Iraqi journalist who his threw his shoes at U.S. President George W. Bush in a fit of outrage was hit in the head with a rifle butt and had an arm broken in chaotic scenes when he was leapt on by Iraqi security officers.

    Iraqi security officers, not the Secret Service.

    The most likely charge against Zaidi would be one that allowed for up to two years in prison for anyone who publicly insults a foreign state, an international organization or a foreign country’s head of state, said leading criminal lawyer Ali Ahmed Mansour.

    Zaidi could also conceivably be charged under another clause in the 1969 Iraqi penal code that allows for seven years in prison for anyone who “insults the President or his representative“, lawyers said.

    The guy will be a hero in jail…

  10. I’m pretty sure that from now on we might propably have to change our habits and walk without shoes in the whole world – because that’s what the US usually do: There’s one attack, one protest and one demonstration and then we all have to get used that the US will react and limit our way how we move in the world. It’s for our own security!

    Do you really think that the prestige of the US is pretty low?
    This shoe thrower did this for Millions of people in the world not just in the Middle East. People all over the world should have done this much EARLIER. But who ever had the courrage to critizise Mr. Bush has been attacked by so many Americans.
    Now, at the end, after 8 years of selfish, rude and dangerous treatment to the world everybody all of a sudden open their mouth and call the president “idiot, stupid or horrible”. Guys, this is not the very cool way – defend the one who gets the US lower and lower in the world’s eyes and in the end join the few who opened their mouths immediately. I remember what happened to Dixie Chicks.
    There would be a final good reaction from Mr. Bush – at least to step back while showing a kind of character: Mr. Bush, make sure that the thrower of the shoe will get released immediately and could heal his wounds that have been produced during interogation of your democratic government in the Iraq. Show some character at least at the end of your 8 years of pure desaster!

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