I think I’m done with C7 bulbs after all…

I go out and buy a third string of C7 lights tonight to go with the other two good strings I have so the tree will be nice and bright. I also bought some spare bulbs to replace any that aren’t working in the older sets. I get home and start working on the first string only to have it blow the fuse in the string. So I replace the fuse and start again and it blows again. Turns out there’s a bad socket on that string which will only light if you twist the cable a certain way. So that means I won’t have three strings of lights on the new tree at all and will have to try and make just two strings stretch. Probably for the best as the box says you shouldn’t have more than two attached anyway. Here’s the final result:

Click to embiggen!

Well fuck, that’s not very bright at all. This tree is bigger than our last tree so I suppose that’s to be expected, but dammit if I don’t feel disappointed. It doesn’t help that the older of the two sets I put on blew a fuse during testing as well ensuring I couldn’t use the third string with the one bad socket if I wanted to because I’m all out of friggin’ fuses. The really annoying part is that the store had boxes of LED strings with 60 lights on a 22 foot string. The lights are smaller than the minis, but damned if they aren’t bright as hell and you can safely attach up to 43(!) strings of them together. They were going for $8.99 a box, about $3 more than the set I ended up buying, and I figured two strings would probably fit the tree while three would’ve been perfect. I wouldn’t have any twinkle lights in the bunch, but I would be cutting way back on the energy being used by the tree. Of course that’d be nearly $30 in lights when I really shouldn’t be spending any money at all. So I decided to be good and just buy the set I’d gone there for. Which of course ends up with me blowing fuses left and fucking right. I love my C7 bulbs, but they’re getting to be too much of a hassle. I’ll have to watch for deals on the LEDs after Christmas and try to snatch up as many as I can.

This is one of the recurring themes in my life. I get these great visions of how things’ll be so fantastic when I get done putting my best effort into them and they never quite turn out as grand as I envisioned them being. In my youth I’d spend hours working on some bit of art or some project that I’m sure will just stun everyone that sees it and it usually ended up being a crushing disappointment. I’m less crushed by them today only because I kind of expect to be disappointed, but it’s still damned annoying and it really puts a dent into my enthusiasm to even try some days.

For now I’ll have to learn to love my darker Krismas tree. Maybe once we get a few ornaments on it’ll look a little better.

8 thoughts on “I think I’m done with C7 bulbs after all…

  1. I must speak up and say when ever you and Courtney decorate my trees they are gorgeous.  Your Dad is going to pick up LEDs for outside next year.

  2. Send me a mailing address and I will try to get you some led lights for your tree…or set up a paypal donation and I will send you money to get some.

    Merry Christmas.  grin

  3. I appreciate that Sandy, but it’s not necessary. A darker than I’d like Krismas tree isn’t really a crisis I should be accepting donations over. My wife thinks it looks OK. I was just very frustrated when I wrote this entry.

  4. Awww…your not gonna let me do a good deed for Christmas?  wink

    Just make sure you put shiny decorations on it then to reflect the light.  grin

  5. Sandy, if you really want to spend money on me I do have an Amazon Wish List you can take a gander at. wink

    Digit, yep, I know about those. I have a small set of them I bought a year or two ago. It has I think 20 or so lights on it. Perfect for draping across a mantle or your computer monitor.

  6. Over here in Quebec, during the last week of November, the local Canadian Tire stores had a promotion to trade in your old lights so that they could be recycled and in turn, you’d receive a 50% off coupon for up to 5 boxes of new LED lights.

    That was one coupon per string of lights.

    HUGE success. It was ridiculous.

    The company that was doing the promotion through the Canadian Tire branches indicated that they were probably going to do it next year as well. They’re based in Toronto and I’m pretty sure London, ONT was included in the promotion. If you have any Canadian friends, or if you don’t mind making the 3-4 hour trek over the border, you’ll probably want to take advantage of the promotion next year.

    Sorry it doesn’t help you now, but something to keep in mind for 2009.

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