I admit it, It’s my fault.

Had trouble getting to your favorite websites yesterday? Seems there was some trouble in AT&T land thanks to an issue here in Michigan:

“At about 9:30 a.m. CST on Dec. 28, a power failure impacted an AT&T facility in Bloomfield, MI,” state and AT&T spokesperson. “This situation has resulted in intermittent disruption of mobile services for customers in some Midwest states.” The spokesperson went on to use the hideous word “impacted” a few more times in explaining that technicians had restored power and were trying to fix the network.

Bloomfield is way north of Detroit, MI, but the latter town may have been the site of some Level3 backbone problems that caused outages at a number of sites today, including Ars. A post at the SANS Internet Storm Center indicates that many of that site’s readers are fingering the Detroit area as the outage’s source and citing the Internet Health Report (which seems to indicate that things are fine right now) as evidence that Level3 is to blame. TechCrunch has a screenshot of the IHR when it was lighting up red for Level3, and some of the comments list a few of the other major sites that were down.

Bloomfield isn’t THAT far north of Detroit—about a 37 minute drive—unless they don’t mean Bloomfield Hills, which is what I suspect they actually mean, because Bloomfield Michigan isn’t even in an AT&T service area.

Anyway, while the above affected mostly cellphone users (our cell phones were dead for most of the day) it appears that there’s been a number of other problems in several Midwest states that affected the Internet as well:

Forum and blog posts, like this post on the Dataoutages New Blog, indicate that the network outages have hit several Midwestern states, with Indiana, North and South Dakota, and Ohio affected alongside the aforementioned Illinois and Michigan problems.

Personally I thought it was all the time I was spending watching porn on the Internet that was clogging up the tubes, but I’ll be happy to let you guys blame it on some other vague problem that has nothing to do with me.

7 thoughts on “I admit it, It’s my fault.

  1. Glad to hear that you weren’t the culprit. I’d hate to think that you could’ve been the guy who “almost broke the Internet.” wink

    It was probably some careless backhoe operator. It’s always a careless backhoe operator, isn’t it?

  2. Besides, porn only clogs up the tubes if there’s lots of cum shots. Girl on girl, and you’re fine.

  3. Subtext of original post is “If the phone lines go down its my wife’s fault…”

    (Whats the difference between the internet and a wife? I’ll let you work that one out)

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