“Here Be Dragons” is a free 40 minute film on critical thinking.

I’m very big on critical thinking and I try to promote it where I can. So when I stumbled across this video over at Richard Dawkins’ website I knew I had to include it here.

Here Be Dragons is a free 40 minute video introduction to critical thinking. It is suitable for general audiences and is licensed for free distribution and public display.

Most people fully accept paranormal and pseudoscientific claims without critique as they are promoted by the mass media. Here Be Dragons offers a toolbox for recognizing and understanding the dangers of pseudoscience, and appreciation for the reality-based benefits offered by real science.

Here Be Dragons is written and presented by Brian Dunning, host and producer of the Skeptoid podcast, author of Skeptoid: Critical Analysis of Pop Phenomena, and Executive Producer of The Skeptologists.

Good stuff.

3 thoughts on ““Here Be Dragons” is a free 40 minute film on critical thinking.

  1. I can’t view the video…I think Firefox & Flash are acting up on me again.  I wish they would hurry up and fix that…  *sigh*

  2. That’s fantastic. It’ll probably be invaluable in helping me organize the critical thinking class I’m teaching staff at work next year.

  3. Finally was able to watch this video. It was very good and a great starting point. I will have to read those books mentioned and re-read Huckleberry Finn.

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