God is my copilot and he says to run your ass off the road.

More proof that religious belief makes some people a little crazy:

SAN ANTONIO – A man who rammed his truck into a woman’s vehicle on a highway early Friday told authorities he crashed into her while going more than 100 mph because God told him “she needed to be taken off the road.”

[…] “He just said God said she wasn’t driving right, and she needed to be taken off the road,” Bexar County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Kyle Coleman said in the online edition of the San Antonio Express-News. “God must have been with them, ‘cause any other time, the severity of this crash, it would have been a fatal.”

You have to admit that having God both blamed for instigating the incident and then credited for protecting the people involved in it makes him seem a bit schizophrenic. Maybe it was another one of those sacrifice-your-son-to-me-hey-I-was-only-kidding moments and God just forgot to tell the guy before he rammed the other car. He really just wanted to see if the dude would do it.

Sent in by SEB reader BlueEyedBanshee.

2 thoughts on “God is my copilot and he says to run your ass off the road.

  1. Yep, gotta love it…blamed for the divine road rage, and then credited for the crash not being fatal…


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