Edward Current takes on the Five Biggest LIES About Christianity.

Edward Current is back with more subtle satire that’s right on the money:

Found over at the Atheist Media Blog.

6 thoughts on “Edward Current takes on the Five Biggest LIES About Christianity.

  1. Yo SEBadaiah! Have ye or yer fellows on this here site ever heard of creationtheory.org?  Please don’t think the site’s promoting it; quite the opposite in fact!  If you haven’t already (I didn’t see a link listed in your list o’ links) I recommend checking it out.  There’s a lot of good shit.  Also, the same guy’s got a few other websites of note which may or may not interest you.  Very good stuff, very good stuff—though I’m sure you’ve seen identical arguments many times heretofore, but never a bad thing to stockpile against these creationist jackal-hounds!  Taa!

  2. You know, Les…a disclaimer would have been nice. Now I have to find something to clean up the coffee I just spewed all over my (&^%$#@ keyboard! wink

    Cheers…and here’s to hoping that you and yours have a safe, happy, and Bush-free 2009. Mahalo!!

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