Busier than I should be…

At most of the companies I’ve worked at the day before a holiday break is usually one of the most laid back days of the year. That’s not true today. I’ve been on my feet a good chunk of the day doing station conversions and basically running around as though there was no tomorrow. Which should make me appreciate having two weeks off of work that much more I suppose.

Still this is annoying.

2 thoughts on “Busier than I should be…

  1. You get… two weeks? Man I’m so envious, retail goes on forever. Thankfully they only have me at like 11 hours a week now due to the company being poor…

  2. Hey Les,

    Have a great two weeks off. Or as the Brits say, a fortnight’s holiday. Hope you get to do some fun stuff.

    I’m at home today, fighting off this nasty flu bug that’s been kicking my ass the last 3 days. We might have to scuttle our travel plans for xmas, as I don’t want my relatives to catch it.

    Get your flu shots, people. I skipped it this year and got caught.

    Sorry, a bit OT here.

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