Bill “Douchebag” O’Reilly says atheists want to ‘revoke Christmas.’

As per usual Bill O’Reilly’s waging his one-man War!On!Christmas! nonsense again this year. He’s all upset over the fact that the Freedom from Religion Foundation have put a plaque critical of religion in the Washington state capitol alongside of a Nativity scene.

This all came about after the settlement of a lawsuit filed by Christians that resulted in an official state policy allowing the placement of privately sponsored displays in the state capitol to anyone willing to fund them. It’s an either/or situation. Either you prohibit all displays or you permit all displays and the state decided it would accommodate all points of view leading to the FFRF to request and receive permission to have their sign included. Needless to say, O’Reilly’s been damn near just this side of exploding ever since. First he let loose with this lengthy segment wherein he rants and raves about how the governor of the state is a coward for allowing atheists to exercise their First Amendment rights and then he sits down with “Fox and Friends” co-host Gretchen Carlson for a mutual whine fest wherein Gretchen states that she believes atheists should be allowed to exercise their free speech, but not on December 25th and Billo claims that the next thing atheists will want to do is revoke Christmas as a Federal holiday:

I can’t speak for all atheists obviously, but the last thing any of the ones I know want to do is revoke Christmas as a Federal holiday. Are you kidding? Time off paid and an excuse to hang out with relatives eating and drinking too much while giving each other shit we probably don’t really need? I don’t care what the fuck you call it, I’m in like Flynn on that holiday. We’ll just ignore the rituals we don’t like and partake of the ones we do.

Once again proving that at least one or two people at Fox aren’t totally brain dead, I was impressed with the following heated debate over the atheist sign between Billo and Fox legal analyst Megyn Kelly:

Megyn gets it. Legally the FFRF has every right to be there under the terms of the settlement. If the governor had tried to keep them out it surely would have led to yet another lawsuit. Douchebag Billo is fine with that despite the fact that it would be another financial burden during tough economic times and a case the state surely would have lost. Bill doesn’t give a damn about things such as free speech or equal access if it requires that viewpoints he doesn’t like have to be heard. Of course that should be obvious from the fact that he regularly cuts off the mic of guests he’s losing arguments against. Billo doesn’t give a fuck about the rule of law or fairness, he just doesn’t want his sensitive feelings to be hurt by those mean old atheists.

7 thoughts on “Bill “Douchebag” O’Reilly says atheists want to ‘revoke Christmas.’

  1. So you’re happy that Christmas receives Federal endorsement, but only if you get paid time off because of that endorsement?  I’m willing to bet that the Federal Holiday exists only because of the Christian Festival (the arguements showing it is a displacement of a pre-Christian festival not with-standing).

  2. I’m neither happy nor unhappy about Christmas being a Federal holiday. In the United States a Federal holiday only applies to government offices and institutions. Individual companies are free to recognize the holiday or not. Most do and provide at least a day off with pay, but some don’t. Others recognize it and give time off without pay.

    As it turns out, there’s a shit load of Federal holidays  the majority of which most companies don’t recognize.

  3. This is just O’reilly saying that the government should give preferential treatment to Christianity and anything else he likes.

    I don’t know whether he really believes this crap or is playing Devil’s advocate (an amusing concept for a Christian) but either way, I can’t understand why he’s still on the air.

    Well, I understand why… but it’s depressing.



    Probably Dogs and Cats getting married.


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