Another “psychic” busted for “cleansing evil spirits.”

Here’s a news item that’s becoming all too familiar:

Lisa Marie Miller, 27, of San Francisco victimized a woman who “sought her out because she was in love with a fellow who was not returning her affection,” said Deputy District Attorney Cherie Bourlard. The woman contacted Miller in 2005 after seeing a newspaper ad that offered a $10 reading.

Miller convinced the woman that she was cursed and needed “spiritual cleansing,” authorities said. The woman gave Miller $108,000 from her checking, savings and retirement accounts as well as cash, jewelry and gift cards. She also financed a Corvette for Miller, authorities said.

Right off the bat we know the female “victim” here is a fucking dumbass. She goes for a $10 reading and ends up paying out over $108,000 over the next several months? I suppose I could see that if it were simply a case of repeated visits racking up additional fees, but what argument can you make that buying someone a car will help cleanse you of evil spirits that doesn’t wave red flags all over the place?

The “victim” is a dumbass and you know what they say about a fool and her money…

The woman finally figured out something was wrong when she read media accounts that Miller’s mother-in-law, 56-year-old Lola Miller of San Jose, had been arrested for taking $450,000 in cash and services from a San Jose woman. Lola Miller, who went by the name “Miss Donna,” read the victim’s fortune, told her that she and family members were cursed and that she would cleanse them of evil for money. She also threatened the victim.

Putting two and two together, the woman bilked by Lisa Miller tried to contact the supposed psychic, but her calls were not returned. At that point, the woman went to authorities.

So I’m wondering what the crime actually is? How do they prove that she didn’t cleanse the “victim” of evil spirits. If you accept the premise that money is the root of all evil then Lisa was doing a fabulous cleansing job.

Lisa Miller pleaded no contest in September to one count of theft by false pretense. A Santa Clara County judge sentenced her to two months in jail and five years of probation. The judge also ordered her to pay full restitution, of which she has already paid $61,000, authorities said.

I’d be curious to see what the false pretenses supposedly are. How is what she did any different than, say, Sylvia Browne who charges $850 for a phone reading? Actually I know the answer to that. Sylvia never blames anything on “evil spirits” in her readings. She just gives you a bunch of empty platitudes and counts on your gullibility to bring you back for another $850 session.

As for Lisa Miller, seems her whole family has been busted for cleansing evil spirits:

A third member of the family is also facing psychic-related criminal charges. Lisa Miller’s sister-in-law, Danielle Miller, 23, is accused of bilking $36,000 from a woman to cleanse her of evil, prosecutors said.

Which just goes to show there’s a lot of dumbasses with deep pockets out there. Damn my scruples.

1 thought on “Another “psychic” busted for “cleansing evil spirits.”

  1. I went to a psychic once for a $10 reading…only because I never been to one before and though it would fun.

    She told me I was going to have a mental breakdown and she was “worried” about me and that wanted to “spiritually” help me…I would just need to come back to her for a $50 reading.  I said I would think about it…and never went back. 

    It was kinda fun though.  Spent more money on less entertainment…and that was almost 7 years ago and I have yet to have a nervous breakdown.

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