is selling FlyJumpers Power Jumping Stilts.

If I were 20 years younger and stupider I’d so risk great bodily harm by having a pair of FlyJumpers Power Jumping Stilts on my Wish List. I’ve wanted them ever since I first saw them in action, but I’m sure I’d just kill myself with them at my current age. If you’ve not seen them in action before then check out this video clip:

How freakin’ cool is that? The video clip Amazon provides is a whole lot tamer and doesn’t show off just how cool these things are. I could’ve sworn I’d written about these before when I first saw them years ago, but all I could find in the archives was a similarly impressive suped up pogo stick. Even if I had the spare $270 these puppies cost I would be ill-advised in trying them as the X-tra large set has a maximum weight of 265 pounds which I currently exceed by 31 pounds, but boy that would be a helluva way to get some exercise in, wouldn’t it?

Though I’d probably be classified as a weapon of mass terrorism if I tried flipping my nearly 300 pound frame around out in public. And, yes, the link to the FlyJumpers page on Amazon will give me a little bit of credit if you decide to foolishly purchase a pair.

9 thoughts on “ is selling FlyJumpers Power Jumping Stilts.

  1. LOL I wonder how many broken bones you would get before you could do any of that stuff?

    I agree though…Way freakin’ cool…too bad as you get older and can buy stuff like this for yourself you aren’t able to have them for other reasons.  tongue laugh

  2. Protective gear would definitely be a must, I’m surprised this guy wasn’t even wearing a helmet. Crazy. But yeah, lots of exercise and fun being a human kangaroo.  cheese

  3. That falls into the same category as those shoes with skate wheels in them- Parents must be mentally retarded to buy them for their kids.

    The sad thing is there will be lots of people shocked when the news shows some kid did a 15foot backflip face plant onto the asphalt.

  4. The sad thing is there will be lots of people shocked when the news shows some kid did a 15foot backflip face plant onto the asphalt.

    Even as it get’s 2 million hits on YouTube smile

  5. A few serious injuries, a few resulting lawsuits, and those things will go the way of Jarts.

    Still, it looks like a lot of fun – to watch anyway. I was never good at gymnastics (too klutzy), so FlyJumpers would be a really bad idea for someone like me.

  6. I took the liberty of pissing off my wife by buying a pair of those about two years ago. Shelled out $350, broke my kneecap, collar bone, four ribs, and chucked them into a closet where they stayed for almost a year until I sold them. It’s not that they aren’t fun, because they can be. However, they require a great deal of practice and unless you are really dedicated, they aren’t really worth it.

  7. It does take some getting used to but most people learn to balance on stilts after only about 10 minutes.  Its best to start from a tabletop or ledge of similar height and then hold on to a fence or post until you can center yourself.

    Of course when you’re learning anything new, you should also budget for protective pads and a helmet.

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