You write like a girl!

So says the GenderAnalyzer which attempts to guess the gender of a blog author by the content of the page. I put in SEB thinking that with all the foul language I tend to use it’ll guess I’m a man easily. Nope, it guessed SEB is written by a woman.

Not sure how it goes about formulating its guess, but it didn’t take more than a moment to come back with a response so whatever it does has to be pretty basic. It’s true that my first full name is commonly associated with the female gender, but I don’t use it on my site so that can’t be it.

To its credit, it correctly guess that my mother’s blog was written by a woman and ***Dave Does the Blog is written by a man, but it thinks my dad’s blog was also written by a woman.

6 thoughts on “You write like a girl!

  1. If I were fifty years younger, I would have said “ooh, burn, Les!  As it is, all I can say is: congratulations.

  2. It missed the gender on mine too. I’d be curious to know what their algorithm is based on.

    Might have to try it on a few candidates’ campaign sites.  tongue wink

    Edit: Just for fun I tried it on
    Check out that site (NOT workplace-friendly, BTW), then guess which gender came up in the analyzer.

  3. Yes, both of my old blogs show up as written by a female as well. I’ll choose to take that as the algorithm assuming “literate” and “well-spoken” are female traits.

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