Winter’s chill has arrived.

It’s not winter yet, that won’t officially happen until December 20th, but you could have fooled me over the past couple of days. After a surprisingly balmy Halloween and first week of November the jet stream has finally shifted and took us from a high of 64 this past Monday to a high of 44 the next day. The skies have gone grey and cloudy with occasional showers that have had a snowflake or two mixed in and today we’ve already hit our high of 40 degrees. Fortunately the furnace here in the townhouse works pretty well and the place seems decently insulated enough considering its age. For the rest of the week the best we’re hoping for is a warm up to 53 degrees by Friday, but there’s more chances of snow as we go along.

Shouldn’t be too much longer and we’ll get our first dusting of snow. Or perhaps it’ll be like last year and we’ll get dumped on in November and then have a relatively snow free Christmas. Either way it’s coming and it’ll be interesting to see how well Ann Arbor handles plowing the streets. Living in Canton was fantastic as the streets were cleared almost immediately whereas Hamburg, being the boonies, was lucky if the streets were cleared within a couple of days. I suspect this being Ann Arbor that it’ll get pretty quick attention.

In the meantime I need to decide how I’m going to use my Krismas lights. We’ve got a few windows with outlets nearby that I can stick some in and our “backyard”, such as it is, has a wooden fence around most of it that might be a good spot to put a string or two. I should probably do that before the snow starts flying in any serious quantity. I probably won’t, but I really should.

9 thoughts on “Winter’s chill has arrived.

  1. Sounds like very similar weather to ours.  Here in Vienna we’ve had a rather warm November up until a couple days ago.  Now it’s around 40 during the day.  No sign of snow yet, though.

  2. We went from highs in the 70s last Monday to highs in the 30s this weekend in Minneapolis. Only a dusting of snow here, though western Minnesota received measurable snow. I have relatives in Rapid City, SD, near the Black Hills. They got over a foot, with 4 feet in some places up in the mountains.

    Glad we escaped it – for now.

  3. I just looked outside and realized it was snowing. Big white fluffy flakes falling on a gentle breeze. It’s very pretty, but it’s still too warm for it to stick and it’s melting as soon as it touches down.

  4. Lucky you! In our area we’ll be lucky to see a high of 35. And technically I’m probably farther south maybe close though.

  5. Well then it’s time to hibernate again. Wake me up in April. I’m stocked up on food for a few months. I should be good. LOL

  6. Well, here in balmy Maryland I still have my plants on the porch!  The dahlias are still blooming as are the begonias and geraniums.  Somewhat chilly at night (40 or so), but OK during the day.

    Still have cabbage, carrots and beets in the garden.

    I’ll have to bring those plants in someday.  Oh, well…….


  7. If there’s one thing I’ve realized in more than ten years living in Wisconsin, is that there is no such thing as an “official” season change.  It’s not Winter yet, but it will be Winter (in all the ways that matter) before December 20th.

    Damned Global Warming.

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