Unreasonable Faith’s guide to Christian Clichés and Phrases.

Ever wondered what Christians really mean when they use their favorite catchphrases? Daniel Florien over at Unreasonable Faith translates for us. Here’s a sample:

“What can I pray for you about?”

Translation: “Any juicy tidbits about your life I can spread through the prayer gossip grapevine?”
Acceptable Response: “Thanks for asking. You’re so kind. My wife is having an affair, my brother is a drunk, and my dog can’t control his sexual desires.”
Unacceptable Response: “Have you ever kept a prayer journal to see if you get more unanswered prayers than answered ones, or if your unasked prayers get answered just as much?”

I giggled at more than a few of these.

9 thoughts on “Unreasonable Faith’s guide to Christian Clichés and Phrases.

  1. very good stuff. i especially like the comments. this one will stay with me for the day …. “My religious experience wasn’t all that horrible. It was pretty usual. And it was better than many — I mean I was never molested or anything…”

  2. I’ve always chuckled at “He is risen.”
    Shouldn’t “He has risen” be the grammatically correct way to refer to something in the past tense? Or “He is rising” if in the present tense?

  3. Norman- “He is risen” is now archaic, but it used to be correct in English.  They still say “Er ist erstanden” in German, not “Er hat erstanden”.  That applies to many verbs of motion in German: er ist geschwommen, er ist gegangen: he has swum, he has gone (walked).  I wonder if the same was true in English… any Middle English freaks in the house?

  4. Its quite probable that some middle english would be constructed like German, particularly words derived from the Saxon influx about the year 500 Common Era

  5. The III
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  6. I only approved this last comment because I thought it was funny as hell and could do with a bit of mocking.

  7. I found a book at Amazon God vs. Satan : The Untold Story which claims to be the Little Book predicted to explain God’s Mystery to mankind in Rev. 10. Even explains why he went into hiding, and when he would surface again, and why.

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    The fact that book is here today amazes me. We must be in end times for it to exist. I need an expert on Revaluations to comment on the book.

    I understand now why God went into hiding. Once you understand his mystery, what he really is, his early involvement in world affairs, and his absence later on becomes obvious. So does his return and when and why.

    No one religion captured the truth. But many got pieces of it. But the real truth makes complete sense of reality.

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