Third season of “The IT Crowd” starts this Friday.

According to this Radio Times article at least. The Official Website also contains some info on the new season.

I’ve raved previously over my love for this series and I was both relieved and bummed that the American adaptation never took off. If you want an idea of why I love this show so much you can check out a lot of clips of it on YouTube. I’d embed one, but it appears embedding is disabled on all of the clips.

Alas the show itself still isn’t available in the U.S. so I’ll have to resort to downloading it off the BitTorrent networks. I really wish they’d at least release the DVDs here so I could buy the damned things.

2 thoughts on “Third season of “The IT Crowd” starts this Friday.

  1. Seen every show and absolutely love it.One to watch out for has thier take on the video piracy warning at the beginning of flix these days – champagne comedy wink

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