The Presidential election of 2008 is almost over.

We’ll be getting up at 6AM to make sure we’re in line when the polls open at 7AM. I still have work tomorrow so an early start will be crucial to minimizing the chances of being late to work, though my boss has already told me that if I’m late because I’m voting it won’t be a problem. Anne works in the afternoon and Courtney doesn’t have school or work tomorrow so they’ll both be coming home and going back to bed for a few hours while I trudge off to earn the day’s pay.

A couple of election eve notes that I thought were worth sharing. First up is an amazing Obama endorsement from The Economist which is lengthy, but worth a read. Here’s the final paragraph which I think sums it up pretty well:

He has earned it
So Mr Obama in that respect is a gamble. But the same goes for Mr McCain on at least as many counts, not least the possibility of President Palin. And this cannot be another election where the choice is based merely on fear. In terms of painting a brighter future for America and the world, Mr Obama has produced the more compelling and detailed portrait. He has campaigned with more style, intelligence and discipline than his opponent. Whether he can fulfil his immense potential remains to be seen. But Mr Obama deserves the presidency.

The other one that I thought was interesting was how the Religious Right is absolutely on the verge of hysterical panic over not only the possibility of Obama winning, but of a Democrat dominated Congress. I’m on a couple of mailing lists including Donald E. Wildmon’s American Family Association just to keep abreast of what they’re communicating and I must say that watching them freak out has done me much good. Consider the following missive I got from them just a few moments ago:

Dear Les,

The election of senators and representatives is very important. If the liberals win enough seats to kill a filibuster in the Senate, then there will be no stopping the damage they can do in just two years. Do we want that much power in the hands of liberals?

Activist justices who will be appointed to the Supreme Court for 20 to 40 years can make any law they wish, or override any law they wish. The liberals are already planning to remove every law prohibiting abortion, make homosexual marriage legal, and take away our religious and First Amendment freedoms.

A veto-proof Senate would guarantee that every bill the liberals want to pass, they can. In two short years, the liberals can undo every law that it has taken conservatives 40 years to accomplish.

When you vote for a senator, be sure that you keep this in mind! The election of one conservative senator could make the difference!

Oh I certainly will keep this in mind. The fact that you guys are running scared gives me hope for the future.

Most of their emails as of the past few weeks have been total fear mongering fests with repeated FOR CHRIST’S SAKE, THINK OF THE FUCKING CHILDREN! messages plastered in them repeatedly. The Religious Right has been in power for so long that they’re totally afraid of what will happen if they lose control. At least a couple of them have declared it to be the end of America or the actual Apocalypse. All I can say is I’m glad it’s almost done and over with. I’m so burned out on the whole process that I’m ready for the end. Not so burned out that I won’t be out there bright and early casting my vote for Obama, mind you, but burned out just the same.

And I hope all of you SEB regulars who can legally vote get out and do so as well regardless of which candidate you end up choosing. I hope you’ll join me in voting for Obama, but I’d be happy just to hear you participated at all. It’s important and it’s your civic duty and it’s way more patriotic than slapping a stupid flag magnet on your car.

25 thoughts on “The Presidential election of 2008 is almost over.

  1. Undoing all the abortion laws? What about the kids?

    Don’t forget about prop 8 in California. Hopefully all of your faithful Californian readers will be voting no on 8 tomorrow to preserve EVERYONE’S civil rights. Plus gay marriage is awesome!

  2. Oh GOD! Women will be able to choose! People will be equal! Pointless wars will stop and our children and soldiers will come home! Public Schools will remain religion free unless under an elective study and freedom will prevail! HOLY FUCK! THAT SOUNDS LIKE ARMEGEDDON! MCAIN 08 MCAIN 08!

  3. My thought tonight and for the last couple of weeks is that if things go as I hope and Obama has mandate PLUS a more Democratic Congress is that they have a LOT to live up to so they better not FUCK IT UP!

  4. I’ve been seriously stressed by this election because I think Palin/McCain would be a disaster.  But the Economist endorsement raised my spirits somewhat.  Tomorrow this time I hope to be sitting on the back porch smoking an expensive cigar listening to McCain conceding the election.


    See now, if it actually said that on one of the multitude of political mailers that have filled my inbox recently I might actually read the darn thing instead of tossing it straight in the trash.

  6. I’m just going to be glad it is over.  I’m not even an American and I’ve been sick of it for a while.  We couldn’t even have our election without the shadow of yours stealing the show.  Not saying that it is a bad thing but this election has had more hype than an Apple ipod ad.

  7. take away our religious and First Amendment freedoms.

    I gotta wonder, is this that rumored law to ban the public carrying of the Bible or the one where we make all Christians wear yellow crosses on their lapels?  Maybe the one where you get tossed in jail for expressing your religious views?  Oh wait, wrong country.  The desperation of these people to make themselves out to be victims is beyond belief.

  8. OK, this is a bit OT…go to the Wikipedia main page today. There’s a photo of Obama. Look to the right, a photo of Lewis Hamilton, this year’s Formula One winner. Separated at birth?

    Decrepitoldfool: I hope you get to enjoy that fine cigar tonight while McCain is conceding the election.

    EDIT: Hey! What’s with the McCain/Palin ad on the left side of the blog? Am I the only one seeing that?

  9. I’m gonna vote for the very first time today, Les!  You can count on it!  The only issue is the logistics of getting there with 2 kids.  wink  I do, however, have a few back up plans!  Dammit I’m gonna vote!!!

  10. Stormin’, McCain’s been advertising on SEB for months. Often right next to an entry where I rail about what an asshole he is.

  11. At least a couple of them have declared it to be the end of America or the actual Apocalypse

    If they think it is the Apocalypse shouldn’t they be rejoicing?

    That’s what has often got me very worried about some of these people, they eagerly want the end of the world, and to me that means that they actually think that things getting worse is a good thing, that its better to have global warming, wars etc. as they are a sign of the end times… Not people I want with access to power in any country of the world

  12. Guess I hadn’t noticed ‘til now. I’ll pay better attention in the future. smile You’ve got a sneaky ad-server. Many of them are known to insert competitors’ ads, based on keywords found on sites.

    Look at it this way: you’re helping to put Obama in office, both by your advocacy here at SEB and by your vote. At the same time, you’re raking in some cash from the GOP. Love the irony.

  13. I look back fondly on an entry about Ben Stein that was shall we say, less than positive.  Of course, the ad on the side of the post was for that thing they are calling a movie that he put out there a few months back.  Man, I almost clicked on the banner thinking it was something good!

  14. Latest from Betfair- odds on Obama shortened to 1.05 (for every $ you bet get 1.05 back- I make that approx 20/1 ON).  McCain lengthened to 13- ie 12/1 against.  Florida showing bookies backing Obama- chance of those 27 votes- 75%

    Even money on EV of 350+, each block of 50 less (i.e. 301-350) are longer odds.

    Frankly the FTSE will crash if McCain wins, because the bookies shares will go through the floor! (ok hyperbole, but you know what I mean).  Those of you wjo live where gambling is legal work out how much you would pay for a Obama victory then put the money on McCain- if BO wins your ‘payment’ “worked”, if McPalin wins at least you can get $100 or so just before Christmas!

  15. Stormin’, I wouldn’t say I’m “raking in the cash” off the Google ads, I’ve only had one payment of $100 so far in over 6 months of running them, but that’s still $100 every so often so I can’t complain. Not enough to pay for the hosting yet, but it’s a start.

  16. Looks like it helps offset things a bit. Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.
    Do you get a lot of sales traffic for your CafePress goodies?
    BTW, I just received a nice little shipment of SEB coffee mug and BBQ apron yesterday. Maybe others should have a look at your wares, if they haven’t already. Support this site.
    …sorry, a bit OT here.

  17. Not much sales from the Cafe Press store, no. Most of the regulars who wanted something off the store have long ago bought it.

    In all fairness, though, I’d forgotten I even had it and didn’t have it linked to the site since the last layout revision until a week or two ago when I realized I need to add it back in. I also want to sit down and come up with some new designs for the products.

    I wasn’t aiming to make a lot of money off of the Cafe Press stuff—I only mark up the price by $2 on average—folks had been asking for t-shirts and it was the easiest and least costly way to do it.

    Your purchases were probably the first sales the shop has seen in over a year. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them. grin

  18. If you’re looking for new designs, I have a friend in Illinois who does some awesome art design work. Owns an art gallery too. Check out his hotrod t-shirt designs. He does some really cool caricatures too.

    His name is Dean Fait. If you reach out to him, say the Alligator sent you.

  19. By Les-

    Stormin’, I wouldn’t say I’m “raking in the cash” off the Google ads, I’ve only had one payment of $100 so far in over 6 months of running them

    Google ads? What is that? With Firefox and AdBlock Plus I don’t see any of that crap.

  20. Yes Moloch, I’m aware that you and others use Adblock Plus and I really don’t care. It bothers me not one little bit. The idea wasn’t to get rich off of GoogleAds. Just to earn a little to help offset the cost of running the site. I pay around $120 every quarter for hosting SEB so you have someplace to spout off that bigoted mouth of yours.

    So go ahead and keep blocking the ads here as that’s fine with me. I’m less worried about regulars clicking on them than I am about the couple of thousand random passersby who hit the site every day.

    It’s no different than how I have a system in place so that many of the regulars can ignore anything you say as well and the best is they don’t have to install anything special to do it.

  21. It’s no different than how I have a system in place so that many of the regulars can ignore anything you say as well and the best is they don’t have to install anything special to do it.

    YOU don’t ignore me, thats all I care about.

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