Taking self-loathing to whole new levels.

When you’re on the net as much as I am it’s easy some days to think you’ve seen it all. Then something comes along that you’d never in a million years expect to ever see. Things like Jewish Neo-Nazis:

Eight teenagers have been sentenced to time in jail by a court in Israel for carrying out a series of neo-Nazi attacks that shocked the nation.

The eight, aged from 16 to 19, were found guilty of attacking religious Jews, foreign workers, drug addicts and gay people and desecrating a synagogue.

The group, immigrants to Israel from the former Soviet Union, were sentenced to between one and seven years in jail.

The article isn’t entirely clear, but it seems these idiots may not have been full-blooded Jews which might explain some of the weirdness of the situation:

The suspects all migrated to Israel under the Law of Return, which allows anyone with at least one Jewish grandparent to become a citizen.

But their links to Judaism are slender, with most qualifying for citizenship through grandparents or distant family connections.

Still, they at least have some relatives who are Jewish so you’d tend to think that would insulate them a bit from the whole Neo-Nazi world view, but apparently it doesn’t:

Gang leader Erik Bonite, who is also known as Ely the Nazi, was sentenced to seven years in jail, the AFP news agency reported.

“The fact that they are Jews from the ex-Soviet Union and that they had sympathised with individuals who believed in racist theories is terrible,” Judge Tsvi Gurfinkel said as he handed down his verdict.

All eight lived in Petah Tikva, near Tel Aviv, where the group made videos of their attacks and hoarded a cache of fascist memorabilia.

According to information released at the time, searches of their homes yielded Nazi uniforms, portraits of Adolf Hitler, knives, guns and TNT.

The gang members sported tattoos popular with white supremacists – including the number 88, code for Heil Hitler – H being the eighth letter of the alphabet.

I have to wonder if they realize that the fact that they have a Jewish bloodline would have made them a target of Hitler just as it would any other Jew. Surely they realize they’re enamored with someone who would’ve happily tossed them into a gas chamber purely due to whom they were born to. I’ve never understood that kind of self-loathing.

8 thoughts on “Taking self-loathing to whole new levels.

  1. I’ve never understood that kind of self-loathing.

    The short answer is authoritarian and shame-based parenting. You see this phenomenon with bigots of all stripes.

  2. I’m not sure where the self-loathing bit comes from?

    Israel has its Law of Return and Germany has a similar construct where the descendents of Germans who emigrated to Eastern Europe have a right to resettle. In both nations, people from the former SU have integration issues with some corollary issues, including youths behaving badly.

    It’s not surprising that they turn to racist claptrap, but Jewish neo-Nazis is a bit much to take. Then again, racists aren’t usually guilty of intelligence, are they?

  3. Huh. And here I am a WWII buff and I was never even aware of that. Thanks Flaky, that’s very interesting reading.

  4. Israel needed non-Arab people to come to Israel for demographic reasons, so they decided to let in a bunch of Russians who have a some Jewish ancestors (a single grandparent, usually). Most of these “Jewish” Russians are as Jewish (religiously and culturally) as Richard Dawkins is Christian.

  5. It is interesting to note that people do not need to actually BE members of the “ideal race” in order to promote that race as the one and only good race.  Do these Israeli neo-nazi’s go with the generic “white power” thing or is it more specific?  It should be kind-of hard to only accept “pure” people into their ranks since there really aren’t any (especially these days), but then again… Hitler wasn’t exactly the poster-boy for the master race and he got an entire country whipped up about it.

    Very strange.  It takes more than a a little credulity and contradictory thinking to subscribe to the nazi point of view.

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