Sometimes it’s hard to be a politician

This is probably truer than we realize…

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4 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s hard to be a politician

  1. I felt sorry for him.  The Republicans didn’t know what to do.  There was no way ‘one of them’ could win, yet their only chance made them all so nervous they forced him to take the looney. “Energise the Base” indeed- who the fuck were they going to vote for if it had been a McCain-Leiberman ticket.  I think he would have picked up more from the centre than he lost from the right.  That, and the evil ad campaign- the GOP have to learn to master the internet. Every accusation was pulled to pieces and dissected, and lies appeared as weaknesses- the Dems don’t bother with the Freepers, just keep the centre from becoming Red.

    I admire him for the way he corrected people at his rallies, but having to argue with a mad old coot who is supposed to be on your side is always going to look bad on TV.

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