Someone at the Statesman Journal is an Internet geek.

Just look at the headline they used for Obama’s victory:

Click to embiggen!

It’s always amusing to see Internet memes show up in mainstream institutions.

Found over at Neatorama where they have images of Obama wins headlines from a bunch of different papers.


9 thoughts on “Someone at the Statesman Journal is an Internet geek.

  1. I wanted to get a paper for my kids’ memory boxes…but I forgot!  🙁  I am hoping to get a magazine today with a headline on it at least…

    And I couldn’t click on it…just sent me to a blank page.

  2. I’ll have to settle for the jpg.  I didn’t even think about grabbing a paper for a keepsake – not like I read the hardcopy anymore.  Have to admit the audience response on the Daily Show/Colbert’s Election special when Jon called the race was memorable, though.

  3. He’ll make it easier for people like me to live in your neighborhood.. Mmmmmmm.. Yeeessss…

  4. “All your base are belong to us!”

    (Well, except some in the south, but they weren’t worth that many points ;- )

  5. As you know, ingolfson, “all your base” includes pretty much the entire world.  A new customer came in yesterday, a cellist from St. Petersburg, who told me that he watched in horror the count of electoral votes, where McCain initially surged ahead, only to be greatly relieved as the bases with higher points began to roll in.  The Russians are dancing in the streets too, he told me.

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