SEB Mailbag: Early morning attempts at proselytization

I actually got this email early Sunday morning and I’ve spent the past couple of days debating how I should respond to it and if I should post it to my blog. The tone seemed more or less friendly enough so I wasn’t sure I should openly mock it, but at the same time the fellow thought I was dumb enough that I didn’t understand the definition of the words that make up the name of this blog. He’s both a Christian and a self-admitted Conspiracy Theorist which seemed way too fascinating not to share. Plus this morning I’m up early after not sleeping all that well and my mood is less gracious than it usually is as a result.

So, having said all that, I give you Anthony Carfanyo’s question:

From: Anthony Carfanyo (
Subject: Question?


  Does your Screen name imply all it says. I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt you just picked it, just to get a rise and recognition from you viewers. (Like a stage name) I don’t want to sound rude or insulting in my first letter to you as you and I have a common friend Convict, Dr. Kent Hovind, and Hovind and I have a common friend Jesus, “The Christ”. (The most dangerous personality in the universe).

  Anyway…I would ask you to read this through as I am not trying to insult you of put you down but, trying to get you to think about your view of yourself, and how words of others and even ourselves can make us become something… maybe God had not had for us from the beginning. Just really ask yourself … “Am I happy” or just hurting?

Stupid Evil Bastard, the “Oxford American Dictionary” defines these words as such…

stupid |ˈst(y)oōpid | adjective ( -pider, -pidest)lacking intelligence or common sense; dazed and unable to think clearly

evil |ˈēvəl| adjective profoundly immoral and malevolent-(having or showing a wish to do evil to others) : his evil deeds | no man is so evil as to bebeyond redemption.• (of a force or spirit) embodying or associated with the forces of the devil :we have been driven out of the house by this evil spirit.• harmful or tending to harm : the evil effects of high taxes.• (of something seen or smelled) extremely unpleasant : a bathroom with an evil smell.

bastard |ˈbastərd | noun1 archaic or derogatory a person born of parents not married to each other.2 informal an unpleasant or despicable person : he lied to me, the bastard!• [with adj. ] a person (used to suggest an emotion such as pity or envy) :the poor bastard | he was a lucky bastard.• a difficult or awkward thing, undertaking, or situation : it’s been an absolute bastard of a week.

I am a Judeo Christian. What that means to you I.D.K. as I don’t know your history. Some can be real, morons … and others can be like me and Jesus cool and straight to the point. It is the audience we speak too.  I minister to the homeless in a soup kitchen… as I was told the belly of the beast. I am a C.T. (Conspiracy Theorist) so I am considered a NUT with my peers, but Jesus’ peers killed him and Dr. Kent Hovind’s stuck him in jail and the Indians are on reservations so you tell me who the BAD guy really is? Have you been fooled by those who want you to think the way you do? Are you that, “Steroetype”, Raa-Raa guy?

So again just for converastion sake … Who is Jesus to you. Have you ever spoken to someone who would let you ask the questions you have, and most important, have you listened to the answer if it DID make sense?

Write me back if you have the time… I know it take brains, Guts, and 2 parents, to run a web site. So you not some stupid evil bastard, your like me … a seeker of truth. and I do agree with part of your logo “What in the WORLD is wrong with you people” .
Fire Fighter Anthony (YoCuzwaasup) Carfanyo

PS. I too am a horrible speller. I was told MANY TIMES to to use the Dictionary, (even from my daughter). I finally got one on the computer.  Just one more tool to shut them up and help your cause for truth.

And last but not least some video’s of what I believe, and why I am saved and why I believe Jesus Is the baddest and toughest and truest man that ever lived. 

President Ike Speech on the NWO

JFK 60’s speach

Now you know why he was killed

Also: If you look to the side (of this link) you will see Father Bush. In that video he says “New World Order”. This is the start of Hitler’s Germany all over.

Also if you want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes…

Arron Russo video

Was I duped? Did The GUY I VOTED FOR AND HIS DAD have knowledge of 911

The subtle way these “NEW Policies” will be forced on us. “THROUGH FEAR”

This one is to give you a taste of what, “THE BIBLE” says is going to happen.

Olbermann: the beginning of the end of America

From Mad TV Cartoon (Childish but look at the truth in it)

And “Thermite” (You did Haz-Mat)?

Now imagine that at a font size at least three times what I used here. I’ve never had someone try to convince me Jesus was real by citing a bunch of conspiracy theories before. I have to give the man credit for being original. Well, at least more original than most. I’ve not responded to the email yet because I’m not sure if I want to bother. This guy is crazy on two different levels and it’s annoying enough dealing with those two types individually.


11 thoughts on “SEB Mailbag: Early morning attempts at proselytization

  1. I understand that there are many good and sincere folks who believe in Jesus Christ and who try to live by his teachings. They’re to be commended for walking the walk, as opposed to merely talking the talk…like, oh, I don’t know…FRED PHELPS??

  2. As I said, I wasn’t sure how to respond to this because the tone is friendly enough. He wasn’t overly confrontational or passive-aggressive, but the combination of soul saving with conspiracy theorizing was just too interesting not to post.

  3. Yeah, that part confused me too. Especially given that not only do I run this site solo, but I run my parent’s websites as well.

  4. He invoked Hovind *and* all those CT sites? There’s one for the Human Zoo!

    Mothership, beam him up!  ohh

  5. There must be a do-it-yourself manual for creating a nut case. This guy obviously has a well-worn copy in his back pocket. His M.O. is standard-issue.

    The evidence of that being that the self-professed “conspiracy theorist” prefaces his discussion of that aspect by stating “so I am considered a NUT with my peers, but Jesus’ peers killed him”

    This sort of comparison seems to be the mantra of nearly every whack job on the planet. That somehow, he is just like Jesus (or Gandhi, or whomever) for embracing beliefs that are unacceptable by the majority at the time.

    Is this guy so self-important that he honestly believes he too may be persecuted or even martyred for his beliefs? More likely, nobody will care about them. The delusion of grandeur displayed by this tragic individual is predictable.

  6. “It takes 2 parents to run a website.”

    Maybe he was being facetious. But then why wouldn’t he understand your blog’s title?

  7. Once you accept the idea of Moses riding a dinosaur across the parted waters to lead the Jews to the holy land like Hovind you’re probably pretty much open to anything. I dunno, maybe these guys think that UFOs are just angels riding around the sky changing the light bulbs that are the stars before they stop off to blast Jesus’s face into toast and woodwork each morning.

  8. I got a headache just reading that email.  Either way, if he agrees with Hovind and is a conspiracy theorist, he is likely also a tax denier.  For those keeping count, that’s three kinds of crazy.

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