Let’s do a meme: Your “other” names.

Saw this on ***Dave’s blog and though it looked like fun:

1. WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (mother’s & father’s middle names):
Jay Bell

2. NASCAR NAME: (first name of your mother’s dad, father’s dad):
Clement… uh… it just occurred to me that I don’t know the names of either my paternal grandfather (he’s been dead for decades) or my step-dad’s father. How weird is that?

3. STAR WARS NAME: (the first 2 letters of your last name, first 4 letters of your first name):

4. DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal):
Blue Otter (I think this would make a better Super Hero name myself)

5. SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you live):
Troy Ann Arbor (that one doesn’t really work well at all)

6. SUPERHERO NAME: (2nd favorite color, favorite alcoholic drink, optionally add “THE” to the beginning):
Red Long Island Iced Tea

7. FLY NAME: (first 2 letters of 1st name, last 2 letters of your last name):

8. GANGSTA NAME: (favorite ice cream flavor, favorite cookie):
Cookie Dough Sugar

9. ROCK STAR NAME: (current pet’s name, current street name):
Melvin Chelsea Circle (that one doesn’t really work either)

10. PORN NAME: (1st pet, street you grew up on):
Tiger Meadowlawn

22 thoughts on “Let’s do a meme: Your “other” names.

  1. No. 4 sounds like it should be a Kung Fu name. 

    My superhero name would be The Blue Tequila.  El Agave Azul.  That’s original.

    Vanilla Sugar – man, I’m gonna get my ass kicked!

    Coco Kyle ain’t no rockstar name.  Maybe R&B.

    My porn name would be Tigger Jap.  Seriously.

    Yeah, the meme needs a little work.  I like the older SW naming, wasn’t it Lord/Lady (first car) of (last medication taken).  At least then I was Lord Volare of Acetaminophen.

  2. Always heard Soap Opera Name as Middle Name & Street you live on. 
    Mine: Franklin Van Dusen.  Sweet, eh?
    – Matt

  3. It actually surprises me that some of the answers come out sounding so right though… my porn name would be Prince Butternut.

  4. Apropriatusly, my porn name (if I use the dog’s name) would be Ivan Ardon wink

    The long whatsit of coincidence, as CG Jung might have said.

  5. Dunno- Troy Annarbor sounds like the doctor with stubble that is the love/crush interest from a 2.30 soap.  “Hi, my name’s Troy Annarbour- you may remember me from such Threads as “I don’t like DRM” and “Christians, huh!”.

    As I said on Daves blog my kids, who have 2 middle names, use 4 x the first 2 letters, giving Jawi Chho and Johe Loho, which I think sound really good (especially the double ‘h’).

  6. Not all of them work well, but a few turned out rather humorous:
    4. Blue Lemur (I actually like that one)
    6. Red Red Wine (Superhero meets Neil Diamond?)
    8. Pistachio Ginger Snap (Gangsta with that name would get his ass kicked)
    10. Rascal Ashworth (More like a country band)

  7. 1.Penny Arthur
    2.Arthur Nesbit
    4.Green Ferret
    5.Micheal Boston
    6.The Dark Purple Bahama Mama (Wow, thats pretty gay.)
    8.Cake Batter E.L. Fudge
    9.(Doesn’t work)
    10.Robin Manhattan


    2. NASCAR NAME: Don-Tom Dick
    ( Mom’s father, & stepfather included)

    3. STAR WARS NAME: Wemich

    4. DETECTIVE NAME: Aqua Otter

    5. SOAP OPERA NAME: Thomas Broome
    The town(Port Crane) doesn’t work, so went with the county.

    6. SUPERHERO NAME: Chatreuse Delilah? 
    (had to pick something:)

    7. FLY NAME: Mion

    8. GANGSTA NAME: Death By Chocolate Chocolate Oatmeal

    9. ROCK STAR NAME: Squeak 369

    10. PORN NAME: Boots Bigelow

  9. Porn Name: Stubby Mount Pleasant

    If you think ‘Stubby’ is a winning porn name then I’d start ‘wearing’ a second pair of socks if I were you.  And I notice Patness’s self loathing so skilfully exposed by the master debater Willy on the ‘Catholic’ thread is resurfacing.

  10. And I notice Patness’s self loathing so skilfully exposed by the master debater Willy on the ‘Catholic’ thread is resurfacing.

    Big things come in small packages, LH.

  11. 4. DETECTIVE NAME: Greenfish. It sounds more like the name of a detective novel than anything else.

    6. SUPERHERO NAME: Blue Tequila. I think I might have had this variety.

    8. GANGSTA NAME: Vanilla Chocolate Chip. Yes, I’d be a generic gangsta.

    9. ROCK STAR NAME: Coal Valley. This sounds more like a name I’d get doing gay porn than anything else.

    10. PORN NAME: Goldenrod Snow. Pure genius, now I need to get a gig to show it off, something that I can scandalize the grandkids with eventually.

  12. LH –
    It’s the porn name that makes men feel good about themselves when they watch it.  But, Mount Pleasant? Come on!

    – Matt

  13. A little help for my forgetful son.
    1. Belle Jesse (Jay is a Nickname for step-dad) with biological father is would be Belle Verlin
    2. Father’s dad was just Roy, Step dad’s father’s name was Ernest. ( I had to look that one up)!

    10. I sure do love Tiger Meadowlawn but it could be a wrestler also! kiss

  14. Porn Name: Stubby Mount Pleasant

    I am totally winning this game

    Really?  What about Velcro Vicwood?
    (Yes, that was our dogs name)

    I also win the contest for strangest name for a dog too smile

  15. 1.  Linda Victor (Transgendered?)
    2.  Buck Werner (it would be a better porn name)
    3.  Ihjean
    4.  Purple Manatee
    5.  Lester Falls Church (??)
    6.  The Orange Rusty Nail (I am WAY too fat for that costume)
    7.  Jery
    8.  Brownie Peanut Butter (breakfast cereal)
    9.  Aegwynn Gallows
    10.  Corky Newton (it would be a better soap opera name)

  16. Fun!


    2. NASCAR NAME: Edward James. Although that could be turned into Eddie Jimbo or something, so that kinda works.

    3. STAR WARS NAME: Babren

    4. DETECTIVE NAME: Navy Blue Wolf

    5. SOAP OPERA NAME: Edward James Ann Arbor. Yeah, doesn’t work.

    6. SUPERHERO NAME: The Red Manhattan. Awesome. “When evil appears…I shall paint the town red!”

    7. FLY NAME: Brer

    8. GANGSTA NAME: Magic Brownies Milano. Almost works. Almost.

    9. ROCK STAR NAME: Thor State

    10. PORN NAME: Willie Avenida. Wow.

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