Jesus. He’s what’s for breakfast.

He’s at it again. Ever the attention whore Jesus has decided to show up on a South Florida man’s toast:

Troy Eckonen was eating breakfast at Mack’s Cafe in Pompano Beach last Tuesday when he spotted Jesus’ face on his last piece of French toast.

After studying the toast Eckonen says he and friends also see Christ’s left arm raised and holding a cross, as well as two birds over the left shoulder.

Looks more like Frank Zappa to me.

9 thoughts on “Jesus. He’s what’s for breakfast.

  1. Not only does Jesus look like Frank Zappa, He’s even smoking a joint.  You can see a puff curling up out of the right side of His mouth.  Holy Smoke!

  2. This reminds me of the time Earl Hickey tortured his landlady by pretending to be the voice of God, and burning religious impressions in her toast with a small blowtorch. 

    At least you could tell who Earl’s pictures were supposed to be.

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