I’ve voted. Have you?

We decided to sleep in until 6:30AM and then got up, tossed some clothes on, brushed our hair, and headed to the polls. Got there a couple of minutes before they were due to open at 7AM. There was already a line stretching down two hallways that looked like it would take hours to get through, but it actually moved pretty quickly. We were done and home within an hour and a half at which point I took a quick shower and was only 10 minutes late getting to work. So I’ve done my civic duty and can sit back and watch the results roll in. Well, once I get through the work day and class tonight. We’re having a test so my mind may be on things other than politics today.

If you’ve not gotten out to vote yet (assuming you’re an American who can vote) then be sure to do so. You’ve got until 8PM and if you’re in line at 8PM you’ll be guaranteed a chance to vote. No excuses. Get out there and get it done.

30 thoughts on “I’ve voted. Have you?

  1. Barack’d the vote this morning!  Only about a dozen people in line.

    A friend of mine is traveling to Ethiopia next week to adopt a little girl.  He says an Obama presidency would be America’s welcome to her.

  2. Taking off early from work today and should be in line by 3:30 or so. I don’t care how crowded it is, nothing’s keeping me away from this.

    Rove’s numbers now saying 338 electorals for Obama (includes the close states, though).

    Rock on for the O-Man!

  3. Want to vote, but I checked the gov website to see if I am registered and apparently I am not.  I’m still going after work in the off chance that the federal government website I checked might be wrong.

  4. You can count another vote for Obama in Washington state from me! However, we don’t have polling sites here in Thurston County anymore… it’s all mail in ballots and drop-off boxes. I finished filling mine out at work yesterday and then took the bus to the nearest drop-box that night.

  5. While I can’t vote in this election, I’m extremely excited about it.  I can’t wait to see the results come in tonight.  I’ll be glued to my TV.

  6. My wife and I voted for Obama and yes on 1 & 2 here in MI.  Unfortunately, that only counters my parents who voted the opposite.  Does anyone else have a parent who watches Bill-O and Fox News all the time?  I’d be happier if they were only on drugs.

  7. Voted almost completely inline with the local Democratic organization, something I don’t usually do, but after studying up on all of the props and candidates, we were pretty much on the same page.

    When I got to my polling location I was about 40th in line, it took about an hour, but seemed pretty quick while playing solitaire on my phone. grin

  8. Interesting about the wait times.  I went to my polling place a little before 7 this morning, waited behind one person, flipped six levers, and left happy.  Total time spent, less than five minutes (probably more like three).

    I eagerly await tomorrow.  But I more eagerly await the 20th of January.  The horror isn’t over yet; King George can still do a lot of damage in the 75 days he has left.

  9. I finally got to vote after being sent to the wrong polling spot! I spoke with one guy who had to go to 4 different polling site before he could vote. That is just messed up.

  10. My Firefox plugin is counting down the days until we can say “don’t let the screen door…”

    I love Steve Chapman’s take on the Bush presidency:

    In the end, Americans may vote for either candidate. But after eight years of Bush, most of them will leave the polls singing the words of an old country tune: Thank God and Greyhound you’re gone.

    (emphasis mine)

  11. Fuck, the nObama won.

    Hopefully he follows in MLK’s footsteps and gets assassinated quickly. I’d rather have a zionist president (Biden) than a negro.

  12. I think the thing that gives me the most pleasure about Obama winning is the fact that it’ll piss off Moloch to no end.

  13. Well, I finally did get my vote through- after about two hours of dicking around with my fax, I went over to a friend’s and faxed my ballot from there.

    Not that my vote for Obama made any difference: thanks to the ridiculous Electoral College, only the swing states matter.  Why the EC hasn’t long since been abolished is a mystery to me.

    I was able to vote meaningfully against Prop 8 (which would rescind the right of homosexuals to marry).  Why can’t the fundies keep to their own bedrooms?

  14. Whoa, dof- never thought I’d hear that kind of language from you!  Not that I don’t agree, but I think simmering in his own juices is reward enough for our pet Neonazi.  But I still have hope for him- he’s young and not stupid, so lots can yet change.

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