I hate it when…

… I make it through my entire round of Daily Reads and don’t find a damned thing to blog about. There were a few possibilities here and there, but nothing that reached out and grabbed me by the testicles and screamed I write something about it.

So you get this instead. A lame entry about how I can’t find anything I want to blog about. I’m literally blogging about my inability to blog. There’s a joke in there somewhere, but I’m too lame to find it.

Anyway, perhaps I’ll remember something I forgot I was going to remember to say until I forgot it a little later and then I’ll blog about how I forgot to remember it.

15 thoughts on “I hate it when…

  1. Anyway, perhaps I’ll remember something I forgot I was going to remember to say until I forgot it a little later and then I’ll blog about how I forgot to remember it.

    That there hurts my brain…

    Completely off topic, Les, you tried out LittleBigPlanet yet?  It’s extremely addicting and fun for the whole family.  If funds do not permit buying it, might I recommend renting it as it is quite enjoyable.

  2. This reminds me of when I was on the Forensics Team in High School, doing impromptu speeches: we were given a card with three topics to choose from, three minutes to think about it, and then three minutes to speak.  Once I got a card where one of the topics was “Omission”.  It was crossed out, but I chose it anyway as a sort of joke- omission omitted remitted, so to speak.  A very small joke.  Hehe….

  3. Here is something:
    I’ve seen very little mention of Michael Crichton’s death. If a co-worker hadn’t mentioned it I would have completely gone without knowing about it—I’ve seen that little on it.  I think a lot of people liked his fiction writing, while the fields of science hated some of his opinions.  Love him? Hate him? Don’t care?
    – Matt

  4. I was surprised that none of my usual lurks have mentioned anything about his death. After a lot of bashing of Crichton for some of his more radical beliefs I was expecting at least a mention. Then again I’ve never read any of his books, ER should have been taken off the air 10 years ago and Jurassic Park was highly overrated (although it was an interesting concept).

  5. Totaly off topic :

    Excerpt from an editorial in the national post on Ted Stevens Alaskan Senator.

    Stevens appears to have been born angry. Not angry as in “Life is difficult and unfair and I want to help people make it easier and more fair.” Angry as in “I wanted that parking space so get the f*** out of it before I crush you with my limo.”

  6. chief, every now and then I like to twist the English language to see how far it’ll turn before I break it.

    Matt, I wasn’t a huge Michael Crichton fan and have never read any of his books (I’m notoriously picky about what fiction I read). I did enjoy some of his books-turned-movies such as Jurassic Park, but overall he wasn’t on my radar much. As such I’m ambivalent about his passing. I did see quite a few mentions of his death, but couldn’t think of anything I wanted to say about it.

    LK, I lol’ed!

  7. Notoriously picky? That sounds like a challenge.  Everyone get that? List time!
    I’ll offer up one suggestion for a book series:
    R.M. Meluch’s Tour of the Merrimack
    Great Sci-fi, well thought characters, fun books.  Picking up the 4th in the series this weekend, which came out two days ago.
    Let the deluge begin.
    – Matt

  8. I found Crichton mildly entertaining as a potboiler science-thriller author (The Andromeda Strain, for instance), until he got it into his head that ecofascists were misleading the world about global warming to fulfill their own warped desires (State of Fear).  I hope he had a nice death, but I don’t miss him.

  9. In no way are any of us obliged to write anything designed to press anyone’s buttons, thus provoking a response. In fact most of just blog as cartharsis (sp?).


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