Have an SEB Thanksgiving!

I’m often asked who it is, considering I am an atheist, that I give thanks to on Thanksgiving. The suggestion is that without God there is no one to be thankful to or for, but that’s not true at all. My life is full of people that I am grateful for and on this day of all days I try to take a moment to let them know. I am naturally grateful for my family. My lovely wife and wonderful daughter who have helped me to grow and mature in ways some folks never thought would be possible. My mother and father who have been the best parents anyone could be lucky enough to have. They aren’t perfect, but I’ve heard some stories of other people’s parents that make me realize that my parents were pretty cool overall and for that I am thankful to them. My brother and sister whom, despite the fact that we are not as close as we could be, have still given me much love over the years. My extended family of in-laws who have been more welcoming and accepting than any son-in-law could ever dream of. My friends who have stuck with me over the years, both those I know in person and those I’ve only known virtually, who find my company a worthwhile addition to their lives. I know I find their company very worthwhile in mine and for that I am thankful to them.

And to you, the SEB regulars who show up here every day just to see what I’m blowing hot air about today. We’re coming up on the seven year anniversary of SEB and that just blows my mind. I never thought I’d still be at it after this much time or that I’d still be saying anything interesting enough to attract much attention. You folks have had a much more profound impact on my life than I would have guessed when I started this venture back in 2001. You have given me encouragement, helped see me through some of the worst times, celebrated with me through some of the best times, and shown a generosity that knows no bounds. So let me say sincerely and from the bottom of my heart: Thank you. I am so very grateful that you drop by every day and say hello.

9 thoughts on “Have an SEB Thanksgiving!

  1. You’ve been pretty darn generous yourself, Les, with your time, your help, and making a place where the light of reason shines brightly.  I am sincerely thankful for you.

  2. I am certainly thankful for my online friends and their blogs, but my brother that lives in Cali and my family from Chicago. The turkey is calling me I gotta go!

    Love, Peace, Turkey Grease!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving everyone; and, yes, one of the things I am thankful for is Les’ site. Thanks Les.

  4. Have visited other blogs and forums but always come back to SEB.

    There is usually something of interest to read and enjoy eating metaphorical popcorn (less calories than the real thing!) when someone like William M. kicks off a debate.

    As others have said already thank you Les for all the time and effort you have put into your blog.

    Happy thanksgiving to all over in the U.S.A.

  5. Les, you are very fortunate to have such outstanding family and friends in your life.

    As the others have pointed out, I too am quite fortunate to have this community at SEB. I’ve only been hangin’ around these parts for a couple months now, but I genuinely enjoy the intelligent discussions here, and plan to stick around.

    I know this is selfish on my part, as I know you have many other irons in the fire, but I hope SEB is always there and never goes away. Seven years is like a diamond anniversary in the world of online communities. Many blogs and discussion boards fade away long before that. To keep SEB running and thriving all this time is a true accomplishment. It’s an island of clarity and reason in a world filled with some wacky people and ideas.

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