Clip from “Doctor Who” Christmas 2008 special hits the net

They showed a small clip from the upcoming Krismas episode The Next Doctor on the Children In Need special:

This gets me worked up on two levels: First it gets the whole Krismas vibe going and then it gets me all excited about new Who. This just makes Krismas day that much more wonderful.

2 thoughts on “Clip from “Doctor Who” Christmas 2008 special hits the net

  1. Meh.Was sorta hopeing for an old dude as the Doctor this time – at least it is’nt a chick as the rumors were leading.That would’ve buried the series for me once and for all.

  2. It’s not certain that this Next Doctor is the actual next Doctor. Nothing official has been said on who will take over after David leaves. It’s quite possible they may be waiting to see how folks react to him or it could just be that in the story he’s a hoax.

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