Barack Obama appears to have won the Presidential election.

I never thought I’d live long enough to see a black man elected President of the United States, but that appears to be what has just happened this evening as most of the networks are calling it a done deal. I have never been more proud of my country than I am at this very moment. Regardless of what happens from here on out this is a monumental step forward and the door is now open for this to happen again in the future and as it becomes normalized there will eventually come a day when people will marvel that it was ever considered remarkable at one point in time.

As good as the polls have looked over the past few weeks I was still hesitant to allow myself to imagine this possibility coming to pass. The frustration of the last election when we reelected a clearly incompetent man to the most important position in the world because we let fear rule us kept me holding my breath until I saw it with my own eyes. My hope that we might see a brighter future here in America is renewed as I truly believe Obama is the man that can restore our reputation in the world and address the tremendous issues we’re facing both at home and abroad.

I thought it was quite striking as I sat down to watch the events unfold this evening the differences between the candidates as illustrated by their choice of celebratory venues. Obama chose a huge park in Chicago and invited anyone who wanted to attend to show up whereas McCain picked a smaller indoor venue that you specifically had to be invited to. It showed how one man is inclusive and the other exclusive in how they dealt with the American public.

John McCain as just taken the stage to make his concession speech. His supporters are booing every mention of Obama’s name. McCain is handling them well and the speech is pretty well considering the circumstances. Amazing. McCain is speaking of working together with Obama and encouraging his supporters to do the same. Some of them aren’t happy with that, but most of them seem to be listening. Whoops, mentioning Biden brought more boos and chants of “Sarah, Sarah.” Overall it was a surprisingly gracious speech. Still I’m quite glad he lost.

A big surprise here in Michigan was the vote to approve a Medical Marijuana law and the possibility that we may expand stem cell research in state looks like it might pass which would be a reversal of a law from the previous election. My state looks to becoming a little more progressive and I couldn’t be happier. This has definitely been one of the best election nights in my life time and I will sleep well tonight.

Obama hasn’t made his acceptance speech yet, but I’m going to end it here for now. It won’t be long before I need to pick Anne up from work so I’ll write more about it later when I’ve had time to gather my thoughts and hear what Obama has to say.

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  1. I am happily awaiting the Obama speech. I had the same impression about the McCain speech. It was a little depressing to listen to what McCain was saying and how his listeners were not very supportive. But the announcement of Obama winning only allows me to be very very mildly depressed…

  2. I am amazed and ecstatic at the news. I just drank a home made pina colada and look forward to a bright future.

  3. i agree! i’ve just listened to his speech and all i can say is wow! i also have never been more proud of my country than i am right now!!!

  4. Sweet isn’t it? A bit closer in the popular vote than expected, but hey, that’s fine. Raced do generally tighten in the end.

    Too bad I can’t go over to Free and troll them a little, since part of me wants to. But they are doing it to themselves, so better not stir the flames too much… losing certainly seems to exite creativity: the ways they are predicting America’s doom are manifold grin

  5. grin  grin  grin  grin  grin  grin  grin  grin  grin  grin  grin  grin  grin  grin  grin  grin  grin  grin  grin  grin  grin  grin  grin  grin  grin

    Today is a day of massive historical import. And for the first time in years, I can honestly say that I am proud to be an American. President Obama!!!!!!!!!

  6. Brilliant campaign, nice result, good speeches from Senator McCain and President-Elect Obama; this is one of the great moments in American history. Hopefully the country will come together to help our next president, though that seems unlikely. Either way, it was an honor to see this moment in American history, I hope this next eight years will be the opposite of the last eight, and it was nice to see this ultimate victory of the Civil Rights movement.

  7. What can I say?  I’ve been going around all morning with a silly grin.  Life is good and it can be even better.

  8. Congratulations to Barack Obama and to all the American people who took the time and trouble to vote.

    While I am pleased that Mr Obama has been elected to the highest office in the United States of America I do have concernes as to how the next four years will play out.

    The real work for Barack begins 20th January 2009 and there is no shortage of problems to tackle.

    Wish Barack Obama and all the peoples of the United States of America my best wishes for the future.

  9. I ran out of steam last night before the election was called, though it certainly looked like he would win.  What indescribably wonderful news to wake up to.

  10. I am stoked over this Obama win. Change has come and the shrill rhetoric of the McCain campaign will quickly fade into obscurity. Sarah Palin will go back to Alaska and get some media attention for a while, but will become a footnote. Joe the Plumber will become little more than a trivia question. His forthcoming book will sell a few thousand copies, at best. No one will care.

    I’m enjoying a bit of schadenfreude here.

    But the honeymoon will soon be over for Barack. He’s got a mess on his hands and will have to hit the ground running. But I voted for him because I believe that he is best qualified to face those challenges.

  11. I stayed up all night to watch the speeches.  I thought McCain’s speech was great considering and that his supporters were being a little childish.

    Obama’s speech was great and inspiring and had me in tears over the 100+ yr old woman.  Let’s hope he can live up to our expectations!

    May this be the start of a chance America so desperately needs.

  12. What a night! What an absolute wonder time for our country! My kids were still up to see the momentous event.

    Yeah for us, we as a country didn’t give in (in a majority way) to the fear-mongering and division put up by the other side. Sorry, but showing McCain as Bush3 was not out of line (90% voting record). On the other hand, playing on people’s fears (socialist! muslim! terrorist! his associates!) thankfully was repudiated at the voting booth.

    May we work together as a country, a whole country, to make this place better (non-discrimination, healthcare, education), for us and the world community.

  13. I’m kinda surprised we haven’t heard from Moloch yet. He must be too upset to weigh in…

    Moloch will be running for office in 4 years time.

  14. Heard BO’s speech at work today and it got me a bit emotional wink – almost had a tear in my eye FFS! The futures so bright I gotta wear some shades .. well at the very least he does a damn inspirational speech – well done Yanks

  15. Something to remember over the course of Mr Obama’s term of office; should Mr McCain either die or become seriously ill during that time just think who would be sitting in the oval office had the vote gone the other way.

    Best wishes to Mr McCain on his retirement, the least a person can do considering his gracious concession speech.

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