A couple of blogging notes and WTF gas prices

I’ve updated my picture in the sidebar to something a little more autumn-ish as well as current (some of the other pics of me were a couple of years old) and I’ll be leaving the color scheme as it currently is as some folks seem to like it.

That pic was taken just this morning right outside our townhouse with the sun behind me which explains why my eyes are so puffy. It was a comfortably cool morning for early November. Fresh with the promise of a new day after an election that made history. As you can see I took the shears to my head last night before bed though I didn’t bother to apply a razor as I was already tired. The hair is about as close to the skin as you can get it with standard shears. I had an alternate pic with more of a smile and a bit of the sun flaring around the side of my head, but I wasn’t sure it was as good of a pic as this one. Maybe I’ll post it later if anyone’s curious.

On a totally unrelated note, but something I’ve been meaning to mention for awhile now, what the hell is going on with gasoline prices? Last Friday I filled up the tank at a station selling gas for only $2.09 a gallon! Checking MSN Autos’ Gas Price Finder there’s at least one station in my area selling gas today for $1.99 and the average price has dropped to $2.05! I can only figure the switch from the summer formula to the winter mix must be part of it, but that’s an amazing drop in price. Thanks to living so close to work and school I’m only filling up once every other week these days, but I’ll take the lower gas prices just the same.

My one concern is that some folks will take this as a sign that they can go back to buying big gas guzzlers as the “crisis” is over. It appears, though, that the shitty economy is keeping people from buying cars at all. GM’s sales in October plunged 45%, Chrysler down by 35%, and Ford was down 30%. Even Toyota saw sales fall by 23%. None of which is good news for Michigan. Hopefully when things improve enough for sales to pick up folks will make wiser car buying decisions and not rush back to the huge vehicles because gas is cheap.

11 thoughts on “A couple of blogging notes and WTF gas prices

  1. Better now. You might want to think about some shades though, those eyes are looking a might unhappy. cool smile

  2. Prices per barrel have been plummeting.  I agree with the concern over gas guzzlers though..

    What pisses me off to no end is they raised FOOD prices “because gas was so high” but now gas is cheap and my food bill is still outrageous.  Just in the past few months our food bill has tripled.  So much for saving money for a house…

  3. I bought a small car back in February, and I’ve spoken with a few people that said they would buy one (a small car), but they were worried that gas would go back down to under $1.00.  While they are probably living a pipe dream about it ever being that low again ($2.09? Really?), I just had to shake my head at the rationalization for not buying a more efficient model car. Of course, it’s anecdotal evidence at best, but I hope it’s not a common thought.

  4. I’m willing to make a small wager that I can remember the lowest gas prices of anyone here.

    Ready? Nineteen cents a gallon.  Really.

    I too would be very surprised if gas got down to a dollar a gallon.  That could only happen if the dollar deflates a great deal (unlikely) and/or gas becomes even more heavily subsidized than it is already (taxes going to war for oil, the cost of environmental damage not reckoned in, etc.)

  5. Ahhh, the good old days pre-‘73. I remember it being about 29.9 cents, with the occasional “gas wars” between competing stations that would bring it down lower.

    Back then, cars weighed 5000 lbs, and got 10 miles per gallon. Oh wait…they still do. Yikes!

  6. Here in the UK fuel has dropped in price (due to the global recession) ….to £1 (one UK pound = about $1.50) PER LITER !!! (about 4½ ltrs per gallon).
    Petrol (how come you guys call a liquid ‘gas’ anyway?) topped out at £1 .45 per ltr.
    It’s just as well we’re a small island !

    tongue wink tongue wink

  7. The lowest gas prices I remember are about $0.75, but then again, I’m not really that old yet (well, I guess it depends on if I’m speaking to the 40+ crowd or the barely out of high school crowd that populates most of my college classes).

  8. raised FOOD prices “because gas was so high

    The logic – not TOTALLY wrong – was that many farmers were replacing food crops with biofuel crops.

    As for gas prices – it’s like stocks. Exuberant rises followed by catastrophic “We are doomed! Doomed, I tell you!” falls. Except that the gas prices go the other way. Doesn’t make for very sane energy policies.

    And all over the world, alternative energy projects are going to be failing because suddenly, their generation prices again aren’t competitive anymore.

  9. And all over the world, alternative energy projects are going to be failing because suddenly, their generation prices again aren’t competitive anymore.

    This may be true for the short run, and of course it’s regrettable if so.  But in the long run, gas prices can only go up, and the costs of alternative energy will mostly go down, as technology improves.  So it’s a bit premature for “We are doomed!”, imho.  Although we might be.

  10. At present exchange rates and average national price of petrol in UK (4th Nov 2008) the price now works out at $5.85 / US Gallon.

    [3.785 Liters = 1 US Gallon]
    1 Imperial gallon = 1.20095042 US gallons

    Diesel works out at $6.61 / US Gallon.

    At the peak in the UK (around July 2008, average national price) the figures work out at:

    $8.95 / US Gallon petrol
    $9.97 / US Gallon diesel

    These figures are much higher partly due to the high exchange rate {Pound / Dollar} at the time.

    Around 70% of the pump price goes on fuel duty and VAT (Value Added Tax).

    Something that most people don’t think about is that the VAT is taken AFTER  the fuel duty has already been applied, what a rip off.

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