We’ve known about global warming for a long time.

One of the arguments that often comes up during discussions on global warming, it’s even come up here on SEB, is that some of the folks pushing global warming look like they’re in it to make a buck. While it’s certain that some of them are, the implication seems to be that this is just something those people dreamed up recently, but I can remember hearing about the potential for global warming back when I was a kid and scientists had been talking about it well before I was born. Take the following clip from a 1957 episode of the Bell Telephone Hour titled “The Unchained Goddess.” It pretty much says what’s being said today, but well before global warming was something most folks had ever heard of:

I find it hard to believe that people hoping to make a quick buck over a phony crisis would take some 50 years to do it. That shows one helluva foresight and long-range planning.

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  1. It shows how ignorant people were (and still are) as to how the natural world actually works. The climate is changing, it has always been changing and it will continue to change with or without our help.

    Why do people conveniently keep forgetting that we are at the tail end of an ice age? What happens in an ice age? It gets really cold. What happens when the ice age ends? The climate gradually warms up and shit starts melting!

    What is happening is not the result of our input, the Earth’s climate is returning to “normal”. Did we forget that fossil tree samples show that millions of years ago there were NO cold periods in the year? The earth and its lifeforms seem to have survived that pretty darned well.

  2. Yes, the climate is changing and yes it will change with or without our help.  It always has happened in a cycle this way.

    That has never been disputed scientifically as far as I know.

    The concern is we are speeding it up to the point where the creatures on this planet will not be able to have time to adapt (including us) and be able to ride out the worst of it.  In the past the climate changed gradually and it allowed some creatures to adapt accordingly.

    It isn’t about stopping it…it is about slowing it down so we all can adapt and find ways to deal with it.  The way it is going it is going happen soon enough that we won’t be able to find a way to feed all the people and creatures on the planet.

  3. The concern is we are speeding it up

    Based on what? 200 years of collecting data out of 4 billion years? People are ASSuming that we are making the climate change quickly, how are we to know its not just normal?

    This is evolution in action, only the strongest survive. If a species (including our own) can’t make it through a simple degree or two of variance in climate then they are doomed to be forgotten in history.

    Cruise through this list of extinct animals and try too tell me one of them going away has made an actual impact or your life or the world as a whole: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_extinct_animals

  4. It also shows how two-faced the opposition is.  They scream that it will ruin our economy to start cleaning up the environment and go green, yet they also talk about the billions that people stand to make off of shifting our economy away from oil.

    Okay which is it?  If there isn’t any money in being environmentally friendly, then how come companies can make money by being environmentally friendly?  If it’s okay to have your research funded by oil companies that want to burn oil until it all runs out, then why isn’t it okay to make money for your research from companies pushing environmentally safe products or processes?

    Make up your minds people.

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