We’ve broken the 6,000 entry mark and a few other random notes.

So I see that SEB broke the 6,000 entry mark today with my posting on the Access Hollywood interview with the Obamas. It’s only taken me almost a full seven years to do it, but I got there eventually. Considering that folks such as ***Dave broke that milestone years ago probably says a lot about how lazy a blogger I really am, but we can’t all be superstars like ***Dave. I’ll just have to be content with the simply staggering comment count SEB has racked up over the years. Almost 71.5K as of this very moment. Our daily traffic fluctuates between 1,200 and 2,100 people and that’s nothing to sneeze at either. Nor is the amount of bandwidth the site makes use of at roughly 1.12GB a day. That doesn’t take into account the amount of email we sent out on notifications as that’s handled by a different server.

In other news, I got my midterm grade in my Networking class and I’m sitting pretty with an A for the moment. Out of the six or so tests we’ve had so far I’ve been wrong on a grand total of three questions and one of those questions was one I didn’t see at all because it was on the back page of the test. Sometimes I feel it’s not really fair as I already know 90% of the material being covered. The OSI model is one of the few things (so far) I didn’t already know, but the class promises to be digging into more arcane knowledge as the weeks progress so I’m hoping that feeling that I’ve got an unfair advantage will pass soon. The instructor thinks I’m great, though, because I’m able to answer even his tricky questions during the lectures. When he was discussing standards the other night he made a point of how the standards groups don’t always agree on a standard for quite awhile and he asked what current standard we could cite as an example. I spoke up with the 802.11 N wireless standard—we’ve not gotten into wireless networking in the class yet—which was exactly what he was thinking of. Of course Blu-ray and HD-DVD would also fit the bill.

Lastly, the folks at Blizzard have started the World Event that heralds the pending arrival of the WotLK expansion. Mysterious crates have shown up around Azeroth that, when opened, infect players with a plague. If not cured within 10 minutes you turn into a zombie and can run around using special zombie powers killing and infecting other players and NPCs. This has been great fun and I unleashed my zombified self on the middle square of Stormwind last night taking out some 20 people before dieing from the resulting melee. So far the outbreaks have been relatively easy to contain. Players of the Priest and Paladin classes can cure disease and there’s a number of Argent Dawn healers spread around various cities that will also heal you of the disease, but Blizzard warns that this is only the beginning and that things will get much worse before the expansion hits. Player controlled zombies run amok in Azeroth? How cool is that?

6 thoughts on “We’ve broken the 6,000 entry mark and a few other random notes.

  1. LOL Gratz…

    Dh and I were in Darkshire last night being zombified and infecting and killing ppl.  There was also a Horde attack there so it was all fun with zombies AND Hordies!  Me (my hunter) and a hordie rogue spent 10 minutes locked in an epic battle until I became zombified…then we both unleashed our wrath on Darkshire!  Mwahahahahaha!

  2. Congratulations on the 6k post milestone! In 7 years – that averages out to about 2.34 posts per day. I’m lucky to do 3 or 4 a week on mine. BTW, I don’t suppose you have a screenshot of one of your first posts to share with us? Would be cool to see what was relevant on SEB 7 years ago.

    And congrats on the midterm A. Nicely done!

  3. That’s awesome to hear you are getting an A in the class and enjoying it! Networking jobs are pretty good in terms of pay but also in terms of satisfaction (at least for me).

    Congrats on 6K! I can’t imagine ever hitting that mark…

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